My best and worst storylines on Riverdale that happen this year
My best and worst storylines on Riverdale that happen this year  riverdale stories

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since the year its almost over here are my best and worst of the season that air this year , am also going to include first half of season 3

My best and worst storylines on Riverdale that happen this year

season 2 best is veronica and forgot who else working together to save cherl , veronica standing up to her dad with owning pops , veronica kicking nick but , cherl kicking her mom out ,cant remmeber what else good happen worst is the black hoddie storyline ugh that was the worst , betty getting torture by the

black hood aka her dad , Archie storyline with hiram and the fake detactive , he was stupid with working with hiram and he was stupid to trust the fake detactive also why was everyone the fans of the show blaming veronica for archie working with hiram , she did not tell archie to do the stupid thing and be hiram puppet , speaking of veronica my

fav since season 1 she is so amazing anyways speaking of veronica i still to this day dont get why in season 2 everyone hated veronica she is not her parents so why was everyone blaming her for what her parents do , also why did everyone hate her for lying to her friends , jughead and betty were doing bad things in season 2 and lying

to there fiends but no one said anything , also why should veronica tell her frends about what her parents are doing , its no one business to know what her parents are doing and so what she was on her parents side they are her family , thats why i put this in the worst because i really hate how in season 2 everyone hated veronica and i still dont get it because she is not to blame for

what her parents are doing and she is not to blame for archie working for hiram and who cares she lie to her friends why should she tell her friends about her parents , jughead and betty or archie dont tell there family

dont tell there family business so why should veronica , and what i hate most is how everyone was happy and saying how veronica deasrve to be bullied , no she did not deserve to be bullied because she did not do anything wrong , like

because she did not do anything wrong , like i said SHE IS NOT TO BLAME FOR WHAT HER PARENTS DO , so it was awful to see all the hate in season 2 toward her and just awful seeing how everyone was happy when she got bullied , it was not fair how in season 2 no matter what betty and jughead do no one said anything and everyone still

love them and how no matter what archie do everyone just blame it on veronica but when veronica just do something everyone attack her and hate on her but no one said anything when other characters does something , another story that i hate is betty hiding a body and her and her mom and then jughead and fp hiding a secret of the

dead body , hiram taking over the world i mean riverdale , the fake agent story , the nick storyline , the fake out with revealing the wrong black hood before they went on winter break , archie thinking he can kill the black hood , its good that he wanted to be brave but what if he faild in killing him , i dont know how i feel about the red circle ,

the hiram storyline , hiram story would be good if he did not try to take over riverdale , his story would be good and he would be a lil likable if they made hiram do his business outside riverdale and he did not try to take over riverdale and if he was nicer and supportive of his wife and veronica and if he was a good husband and father , he wont be

a villan and I would like him if he was so nice and a good husband and good father and always supportive and not trying to ruin and take over riverdale but he is still a villan and they made me hate him since season 2 , i hate how penelope try to ruin cherl life , i hate how cherl mom and aunkle or her father try to ruin cherl life , i hate how ethel

send threatening letters and season 2 they made me hate ethel i sitll hate ethel she is just so mean , when she was bullying veronica thats when i start really hating her , i hate the chic storyline , the penny storyline , thats all i could remmber from worst storyline in season 2 now on to season 3

season 3 best is when they break out archie , meeting jughead mom and sister , the way jughead mom and sister handle that bitch penny , Betty getiing herself out with no one help , handleing herself in that place , veronica being a boss and managing the club , i could never remmber the club name and never know how to say it , but i love seeing

veronica being a boss at the club , i love how when veronica show her dad how to run a bussiness , showing hm how its done , i love how she beat that guy at poker , i like how we got a flashback to the parents , its great seeing veronica owning pops and working at pops and the club , veronica is more amazing this season , she was already

great and amazing in season 1 and 2 now she is more amazing , Betty refusing to join the farm , even when jughead is in that game I like how Betty try to break Archie without him and try to find answers on her own , I like how she did not let the stupid game go on her head ,the reggie and Veronica team up , Fred punching Hiram,

thats all i could remember unless that was it worst is what hiram did in the end of the first half of the season i dont want to say it because i dont want to spoil it , hiram taking over riverdale yet again , the farm , alice and polly in a cult and are part of a farm , Archie in jail , hiram sending archie to jail and hiram having archie arrested in the end of season 2 was worst , jughead not freeing archie

jughead not freeing archie , the gargoil king was the worst , i dont even how to say and spell his name , everyone playing the stupd game and everyone getting hooked with that game , hiram after archie , penny coming back for archie , that stupid lady that was at the farm that was using archie , alice sending betty to that

place , the awful things they did to betty at that place , thats all i could unless that was it

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