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Most of these short stories are quick reads that are easy to enjoy in any situation, whether you have dedicated time to read or you're on the go. Some of these stories will get you on the edge of your seat with suspense. Others may make your mind spin with ideas. You never know what story you're going to get!

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🔑 What's Special About Commaful Short Stories?

Commaful stories are told in a beautiful picture-book format that brings the stories to life. Give the story below a read by tapping on the right side of the page!

This unique format allows writers to get particularly creative when writing short stories. Here are just a few of the styles and types of works that have done very well on Commaful.

⚡️ Flash Fiction: Commaful has a strong base of flash fiction writers and stories. Flash fiction is a story with "hundreds" of words, in other words, very short. The page-by-page style in addition to the use of visuals makes flash fiction on Commaful a very unique experience.

🦄 Adorable Custom Images: Because creators can upload images within their stories, Commaful gives new meaning to the idea that writers base characters on real people. Writers can actually include images and actors within stories to bring stories and emotions to life. Some popular stories involve pets (with adorable pictures of the pets) going on adventures. People often get creative! Costumes, toys, stuffed animals, etc. are all fair game!

🌪 Plot Twists: The page-by-page format is perfect for building suspense. Slow reveals. Hiding clues in the backgrounds. Readers can't skim ahead to see what happens or skim to quickly and miss key details. Authors have a lot of tools at their disposal to bring readers along a ride, only to run into a major plot twist!

🤣 Comedy: Comedy and satire are particularly powerful because writers have the power of images at their disposal. It's like taking memes to a whole new level. Hilarious images + funny story = something really really funny

📚 Multi-part stories: Many writers share longer stories on Commaful by breaking their stories into parts. Readers love following their favorite characters on micro-adventures and storylines that build on themselves. Have a characters you've created and love? Bring them on awesome adventures on Commaful.