Storyline number 5 about V
Storyline number 5 about V 
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Yesterday I had idea to make a story about Riverdale , since it was new years yesterday , I had an idea to make a story about being new years in Riverdale and Veronica hosting a party at her club for it being the new year

Storyline number 5 about V

it's Jan 1 and Veronica wake up from her sleep she gets ready then gets out then later come home goes to her room sit on her bed Veronica : wait I just got an idea why don't I host a party today to celebrate the new year so she calls Betty Betty : hello Veronica

Veronica : hi b am hosting a party today for the new year and I hope you could come , to be honest I need this , with everything going on with Archie and with the break up I really need this and I of course don't blame him for the break up because it's my dad fault , he push Archie away and I just feel like if I keep thinking about Archie and don't do

something I will explode Betty : am sorry that you are suffering , am always here if you need me , everything it's going to be ok , when ever you need just call and I will be here Veronica : thanks b your the best then Veronica and Betty continue talking then Veronica calls cherl and Jughead and Tony

and everyone then Veronica goes out of her room Hiram : what's going on tonight Veronica : am having a party at my club and your not of course invite but you are of course invited mom but don't bring him with you then Veronica leave then later at night Veronica gets really for the party then Veronica : (sarcastic) enjoy your night dad

don't try to burn the place down or make any deals ok now bye then Veronica leave the house and goes to the club Veronica: I really hope this night is a success and nothing goes wrong Reggie : don't worry nothing will go wrong , the worst that can happen is your dad showing up and trying to ruin things

- then everyone show up and music is playing then later cherl : nice party v Veronica : thanks , I really needed this , with everything been happening with Archie and with the break up I really needed this and feel like I have to do something to keep my mind about thinking about Archie because if I don't do something I will explode and also

this is a great way to start of the new year Cherl : am sorry that you are struggling if you need anything am here for you , we are friends , you and Tony both saved me from that place so am always here for you what ever you need and if you ever want to talk am always here then hermine show up Veronica : am glad you came and thank you for not bringing him

Veronica : am glad you came and thank you for not bringing him Hermine : am always going to be here for you no matter what and always there for you , supporting you no matter what and to be honest I needed this then everyone is dancing and drinking and having fun then Veronica goes in the closet and start to cry

then Reggie realize Veronica is missing then he look for her then he hear crying Reggie : Veronica? is that you , I just want to know if your ok , answer me , I can help you , am here if you ever want to talk , just talk to me Veronica : am in here then Reggie goes in the closet Reggie : what's wrong , why are you crying

Veronica : everything is wrong , Archie should be here but am alone and I have no idea were he is and he can't come back because you guess it because of my father and I just don't know what to do then Veronica continue crying and Reggie just try to make her feel better then they make out then later

Betty : have you seen Veronica Cherl : no why Veronica : am sorry for doing that , we should never do that again Reggie : there nothing to be afraid , you did not cheat because your not with Archie so there is no harm in doing that again then they kiss and they made out again then later

Veronica : this will only stay between us got it Reggie : yes of course then they come out of the closet then Betty found Veronica Betty : there you are Veronica : well am here so less go back to the party Betty : what's going on , your hiding something , spill now

Veronica : ok fine me and Reggie made out twice Betty : what ? , V Veronica : it's not cheating because me and Archie are not together And I was upset and Reggie help me feel better then Betty and Veronica continue talking then they go back to the party then later Veronica goes home just lay on her bed take a deep breath then start crying then goes to sleep .

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