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rubixcube89201VerifiedJust a cube that can write.
4 months ago
Don't Let Me Fall In Love With You
In which each click makes the narrator fall deeper in love with you and closer to the end of the story.
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janaemitchellVerifiedYA Author & Random Awkward Dancer
8 months ago
Can You Hear Me?
A Ghost Story
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lisaSilver CommaCats
5 months ago
The Escaped Man
The rain was falling heavily. It was like driving through a thick curtain of water. He eased off the accelerator a little. Had to be careful driving on wild nights like these. The las thing you’d want...
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pluzooCommabassadorCommunity member
10 months ago
An Open Letter To the Guy Who Cheated On My Math Test This Morning

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agapik9Gifted WriterGreek Girl / Also on Wattpad
7 months ago
Forget Me Not {Part 1 of 'Remember Me' Series}
Who was he? She didn't know. But it didn't last for long.
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aknierGifted WriterOkay yeah I write romance
5 months ago
I Can't Believe You're Mine
Cute love story set in autumn. Fiction.
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lexiCommabassadortrains of thought
8 months ago
atomic waste and heartbreak
things i might not admit later // (a goodbye, if you needed it)
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aquiveringlya wattpader who turns pain into words.
7 months ago
every time I look up at the sky, i think of every moment spent with you. the colour reminds me of your eyes, And my bruised hips; just a darker blue
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dissonanceGifted WriterAnd everything in you is a dream
8 months ago
Darling, won't you feel human with me?
Being human means accepting and feeling every emotion within you. Do not deny or abuse your emotions and what you feel so strongly. It's what makes you human, what makes you so unique because no othe...
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wethedreamersCommabassadorAnd we're a million miles away.
8 months ago
To The One Who Loves Him Next
Kiss him for me, won't you?
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sauravnallaMy heart goes on and on
2 days ago
I am sensitive
I get angry too!! But only sometimes!!

janaemitchellVerifiedYA Author & Random Awkward Dancer
4 days ago
A scary reality

nefariousit's always tea time
3 days ago
I am no poet

cherryCommunity member
2 days ago
We'll always be friends won't we?
This shouldn't be a surprise I don't blame you (F...

luisagroin love with citylights and winenights
2 days ago
3.12am 30.07.17
late night thoughts.

bookworm123I'm done...
4 days ago
Jokes you won't laugh at
If you laugh at these...thanks, but why?

ivoryannaliseCommabassadorWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
2 days ago
Winter's Photograph
A sweet little poem about snow. :D

lostBronze CommaI'm still here
3 days ago
Lost. For Now.
After years hope remerges. It's changing. Hopefu...

yoplaityogurtBronze CommaThe queen of exaggeration 😁👑
3 days ago
Anti Jokes
*WARNING* You may find some of these jokes extrem...

skaivacwords I don't admire, but I hope you do
2 days ago
I'm not sure where it begun, you were just an almi...

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