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rubixcube89201 Verified

Don't Let Me Fall In Love With You

In which each click makes the narrator fall deeper in love with you and closer to the end of the story.

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Β  53
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wethedreamers Commabassador And we're a million miles away.

To The One Who Loves Him Next

Kiss him for me, won't you?

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awkwardalien Gifted Writer just here for The Gayβ„’

A Letter from Joshua

Dear Human (follow him and his sister on instagram jojo.and.joshua)

Β  1934
Β  12
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dissonance Gifted Writer everything in you is a lost dream

Darling, won't you feel human with me?

Being human means accepting and feeling every emotion within you. Do not deny or abuse your emotions and what you feel so strongly. It's what makes you human, what makes you so unique because no oth...

Β  1881
Β  10
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lisa Gifted Writer Cats and cats

The Escaped Man

The rain was falling heavily. It was like driving through a thick curtain of water. He eased off the accelerator a little. Had to be careful driving on wild nights like these. The las thing you’d want...

Β  1850
Β  47
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aknier Gold Comma I occasionally remember to write things

I Can't Believe You're Mine

Cute love story set in autumn. Fiction.

Β  1536
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penny Gifted Writer I live for life

All The Things Wrong With This World

Some things just make no sense.

Β  1331
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pluzoo Commabassador Community member

An Open Letter To the Guy Who Cheated On My Math Test This Morning

Β  1168
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hermione Gifted Writer Parody, not officially affliliated

The Quidditch Match

Just some Hermione thoughts Note: THIS IS A PARODY and FANFICTION. I do not own any images, gifs, or characters used in this work. Visuals go to Warner Bros and characters go to the author, JK Rowlin...

Β  960
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corneliafunke Verified NYT-bestselling storyteller. INKHEART.

How The Tailor Came To The Hungry Forest

The story of one of the first grave creatures the Reckless brothers face behind the mirror in Cornelia Funke's novel RECKLESS: THE PETRIFIED FLESH. This is the tale of a man-turned-monster, woven from...

Β  867
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