My vent about Riverdale
My vent about Riverdale  riverdale stories

musiclover2511 Community member
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Rant about Riverdale , trying to defend my favorite and no one hate me ok because that's just my opinion

My vent about Riverdale

Am going to vent because I have no were else to vent and no one hate and attack me because this is only my opinion , I don't get why people are annoyed by Veronica storyline and think that it's on screen allot , since Veronica is my favorite since season 1 episode 1 am of course going to defend her , I don't get what peaple are talking about

because she barley have a Storyline this season , this season it focus more on Archie , Betty , Jughead and cherl , we only see Veronica with her parents , Reggie and sometimes talking to Gladys , she barley have a Storyline so I don't get what peaple are talking about , like I said this season focus more on Archie , Betty , jughead and

cherl ,Betty has the farm , getting Archie out of jail , finding the gargoil king , helping Jughead with things and she is going to help him against his mom , Jughead have the serpents to deal with and his mom and the gargoyle game Being in the game , with

Archie he was in jail , the storyline with Josie and trying to find who is trying to kill him , with Cheryl she have the serpents , Tony , band from the serpents and having being band from the serpents and making her own group

with Tony , now she have the farm , but with Veronica she barley have a Storyline , she only hang with Reggie well use to and she have this hole thing with her family and having to owe Gladys money , I don't get why people hate her Storyline this season because I find

her Storyline interesting to watch , I like her being in her family business well helping her family , I know she also have her club but she don't do anything at her club , she only just talk to Reggie , I would like her to be a boss in

her family business that would be interested to watch and I know it's just me who think that , I also don't get why everyone hated her when she blame Archie for shooting her father , um she is not wrong he was thinking of shooting her father but everyone was like oh how dare she say that and they were

bashing her and hating on her and I don't care this rant is long because am going to defend my girl , why is everyone hate on her when she is on her father side , I get why she is on her father side sometimes it's because no matter what Hiram it's her dad , he is her blood she can't just hate him and go against

him , she can't choose who her parents are and everyone is hating on her when she side with her father , of course she will side with him he is her father also am of course not saying what the writers should do because this rant it's just my opinion and I also hate how everyone are hating they are saying how it focus to much on her feud with her dad , um she barley even have a Storyline

Also hate how everyone is hating on her for being upset her parents are devorcing , of course she will be upset , no matter what that is her parents , her family , no one want to see there family split apart so v have every right to be upset

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