The Cruel Captor
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This story is about a man who is held captive and tortured HORRIBLY!

The Cruel Captor

"My body is on fire!!" I scream. "It hurts it hurts it hurts, make it stop please!!!!"

"You should've thought of the people around you, ya punk!"

"Me so sorry!" I howl. "I thought that it was the appropriate thing to do!"

"Well you were quite wrong, weren't you?"

I try desperately to free myself from these shackles but to no avail. I'm really stuck. My captor walks over to a filthy sink in the corner of the room. He runs a sponge under some water.

"What do you want? Is it money?" I ask. "I have no information about NOTHING!"

"Of course you don't," he whispers. "You're just a pizza maker from down the street. No one ever gave a hoot about you."

"Aw c'mon take that back!" I demand. "You're going to far with this! I never meant to hurt ye!"

The man turns off the tap and walks back towards me, the sponge dripping water all over the concrete floor. "The time for apologies is over, my friend.

There's not nothing you can do to get out of this!"

"Ok! Tell me what I must do and I will do it!" I scream.

"No- I meant like there's nothing you can do to get out of this." He responds.

"Oh. Really."

"Yah. Anyways, get ready for some pain."

"AAAHHHHHH!!!" I scream into the darkness as the man squeezes the sponge over my face. It is so cold. I can feel my pores closing up out of shock. "Please, won't you make it stop??!!!"

He finishes and lumbers back slowly towards the sink.

"Please, no more." I whisper, shaking like a dog. "I can't bear this! The pain is unlike anything I have ever known."

"You have little tolerance!" He says.

"What happened to you?" I ask. "Where you hurt, as a younger man?"

"Everyone gets hurt at some point. There aint nothing unusual about that, little man." He whispers, turning the sink back on.

"You seem smart!" I declare. "And I can tell that behind those eyes lies a man who is bubbling with love! Perhaps you have forgotten how to- 'unlock that door' as it where!"

"There's a lot of doors that oughta remain locked."

"Not so!" I suggest. "I reckon you oughta get in some of those dark chasms of your psyche and give them a well deserved scrub! It's like a bad tooth that oughta be pulled!"

"You aint gonna find the words to heal the hurt." He says walking back from the sink, the sponge in his hand once again dripping violently onto the floor.

"You oughta surrender to what's before you!"

"Perhaps! And maybe you should try it yourself!" I say. "Surrender to what lies deep within you and see if you can gain perspective. Become the observer!"

"I tried to tell you that there aint nothing gonna come out of this, son." He whispers as once again, he squeezes the sponge full of ice cold water over my face.

"Aaaiiiiiii!!!!" I squeal, squirming in agony.

He chuckles and walks back to the sink as I lie in a puddle of horror. I try to regain my breath.

"How much more of this must I endure." I whisper into the ground. "How far will ye provoke my body."

"Until you admit that you wronged me." He whispers back.

"I said that I was sorry!" I scream. "I said that I didn't mean to hurt ye!"

"I wanna hear a thorough and thoughtful explanation of how I was right and you was wrong!" He roars, the sound echoing harshly off the concrete walls.

"Fine." I stammer. "I should never have thought that adding tomatoes to your a pizza would be a fun and pleasant surprise! And furthermore!" I pause to inhale sharply.

"You had every god given right when you refused to give me a tip. I was in the wrong! You were an embodiment of everything true and just!"

I hear a click. My shackles fall to the floor. My captor walks towards the only door in the room. He opens it and the sound of a child's party fills the room.

I'm left cold and shaken, but free, thank God!

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