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Do you swoon every time your seven idols dance into stage? Can you even choose who looks the cutests or who your favorite singer is? It’s so hard, when the seven of them are so talented? Come in and enjoy fanfiction featuring your favorite boy band, living their normal life or preparing for their concerts. Click here to sign up and read more stories like this!


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BTS Pen Pals

Love BTS? Let's play a little game and make a new friend! Just comment something short about you below (like who your bias is and what your hobbies are) in the comments below

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Love Yourself

Just Love yourself :D P.S. took a different approach than the usual dark works :D

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Just Dance Chapter Thirty Two Part Two

Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will...

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