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Fanfiction is the great art where fans create fiction for other fans, building on elements of movies, TV, books, or even real people. Enjoy great storytelling by fic writers from all over the world. You'll find all types of fanfics here that can make you laugh, cry, smile, and blush. These short stories feature many different fandoms. Be apart of our avid community of readers and writers excited to share and discuss fanfiction!

💜 Popular Ships

A ship, derived from relation"ship", is a fictional couple where two characters are in a romantic relationship that fans want to see. These relationships can be canon (actually confirmed in the show or real life), implied from subtle clues within shows, or downright impossible and even denied by the creators. Ships are extremely common within fanfiction because we all have our own favorite characters and see the chemistry between different people. Below are some of the most popular ships on Commaful.









Kara and Lena


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🔑 What's Special About Commaful Fanfiction?

Commaful stories are told in a picture-book format, which means you can get extremely creative with how you share your fics! What makes Commaful unique as a fanfiction site is the unique formatting, allowing for a whole new world of fanfics. Well, go on, don't be shy. Give the story below a read by tapping on the right side of the page!

All stories shared on Commaful are in this beautiful picture-book format. While most types of fanfiction have a home on the site, there are some types in particular that have done particularly well in the past.

🔮 Ficlets, Drabbles, and One-Shots: Ficlets are stories that have fewer than 1,000 words. Drabbles have exactly 1,000 words. One-Shots are fanfics with self-containing storylines, typically chapter-length. These stories fit the bite-sized nature of Commaful very well. Oftentimes, these stories bring a nice twist and are long enough to get a plot going. Many ficlet and drabble writers on Commaful get creative with the formatting and allow the images to do some of the storytelling as well.

😂 Parody and Satire: Who doesn't love a good laugh with your favorite characters? Funny moments and parodies are some of the most popular fanfics on Commaful. Creators can utilize GIFs or even photoshop interesting images to bring out the craziness and hilarity of the story.

🎨 Fan Comics: As you may have guessed, the Commaful style lends itself perfectly to fan comics. Many comic writers and artists share their comics. Some share pane by pane and others through cool multi-pane formats.

✏️ Vignettes and Reflections: Emotions can be heightened through the page by page format. It's easy to build suspense, generate emotion, and set the pace. All of that can be heightened even more with a well-timed visual. Perhaps a GIF of a character screaming in anger at the right moment. This makes it perfect for vignettes, diary entries, and first-person reflections on key moments in books, movies, and TV shows.

📚 Multi-part fics: Many longer fics have done very well on Commaful after being broken into shorter parts. The parts tend to be shorter than a typical chapter in a novel and often do very well. The bite-sized nature allows people to take stories on-the-go and enjoy short bursts of the plot. Many writers also say it's easier to update regularly because the parts can be shorter!