Short Stories featuring Positive Energy

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leoshe Gifted Writer Stories that last - Amateur Writer

Hey you! Yea you. You ARE amazing

You are: Amazing, stylish, unique, loved, wanted, appreciated, needed, a cool cat, on your own wonderful journey, writing your own story, taking your own path, worth more than what anyone s...

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limitlesssaria Community member

I wish, I was deaf There is nothing to moralise or demoralise you. Even failure can not demoralise...

In the race if ten frigs only one frog could win even he was a deaf. probably that was his biggest advantage he was a deaf. he did not hear the demoralising mob. He just did what he was supposed to do...

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anon Stories From Unregistered Users

There’s been a murder in my town and an ill wind has descended upon us all.

I didn’t know the victim but it was just down the road from my house. Everyone I’ve spoken to has had terrible luck just before and since. Don’t believe me? My stepdad cut his finger off the same day ...

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