Not Much Else to do
Not Much Else to do pray stories

toddthurman Trying to stand up and say what's beauty
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Facing mortality, one drip at a time.

Not Much Else to do

I hear you in that bed next door complaining then joking then asking lots of questions.

you didn't think this was your day for all this. there were a zillion other places you'd rather be.

You try to remind them you don't want your eyes open when they take you into that room.

you laugh about your boobs. make jokes about the bad shoulders they gave you last time. when they worked the rotor cuffs.

but I see it just like all of us you are terrified to die. Talking so much distracts you makes you feel like it will be all okay.

we each have our ways.

Mine? I count backwards I pray important prayers.

quietly making bargains with the Lord We each hold our lives in the sweaty palms of our hands

and yet we don't Really Our breath He sustains and prolongs it.

Hospital beds Where else can you go

to relearn your frailness to remember anew He holds all the Power . . .

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