Pop Culture Sh!t The PCers Have RUINED (Or At Least Have Majorly Effed Up!)
Pop Culture Sh!t The PCers Have RUINED (Or At Least Have Majorly Effed Up!) comedy stories

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by tbanarchy Star Wars

Pop Culture Sh!t The PCers Have RUINED (Or At Least Have Majorly Effed Up!)

by tbanarchy

Let's face facts, PCers ruin EVERYTHING they touch. Which, of course, is apparently their ultimate goal. Anyway, here are just a FEW of the things in so-called pop culture the PCers have RUINED (or at least have majorly effed up!).

Star Wars

Unlike other SW films, I decided NOT to pay to go see The Last Jedi in theaters after the PCers gave it their stamp-of-approval. And, after watching this PC trainwreck of a film on Netflix, I'm glad I didn't.

James Bond

With the Daniel Craig JB PC films, they've turned the once non-PC character into a humorless, asexual politically correct WIMP who couldn't seem to find his own ass even with both hands & a flashlight! (Oh, did I mention I really CAN'T stand Daniel Craig's James Bond?)

Superheroes (especially in the comic books)

Hey, to appease the PCers who DON'T buy comic books (or anything ELSE), let's turn Captain America into a NAZI! Or let's turn Iron Man into an African-American girl (even though IM has been black before)! Or let's turn Doctor Who into a chick! (OK, so DW might not technically be a superhero, but you get the idea!)


I've, of course, touched on this topic before but, as I pointed out before, comedians have ceased being actual comedians & have instead turned into PC "activists" who are no longer-oh, what's THAT word again?-FUNNY. (Right, Amy Schumer?)


TV was never really all that great to begin with in my view, but it's only gotten WORSE what with ALL the damn reboots and/or constant virtue-signaling in the shows now to where EVERY show now has a "reference" to THIS guy.


The 2016 all-female PC reboot of this "classic" film was a total disaster at the box office. You'd think Hollywood would have learned NOT to interject PC BS into their movies after the GB fiasco. You WOULD think that, wouldn't you (right, The Last Jedi?)?

Social Media

This is another topic I've touched on before, but-again, as I've pointed out before-if you dare say ANYTHING on so-called social media the PCers "disagree" with the PCers will troll-and sometimes even THREATEN-your ass.

Playboy (& men's magazines in general)

There was a time when Playboy-under Hugh Hefner-would fight AGAINST the tactics of the PCers. Now PB-along with every other so-called men's mag out there-have JOINED the PCers. (R.I.P., Hef!)


Current animation-including (and especially!) kids's cartoons-have likewise suffered at the hands of the PCers. (Just look at what they're doing to the reboot of the show Thundercats!) Even Japanese anime has, I think, began to suffer a little because of all this PC BS.

Jimmy Kimmel

Talk show host-and crying virtue-signaler extraordinaire!-Jimmy Kimmel did things on his old (Non) Comedy Central show The Man Show he would not DARE do on his show now (like, for instance, appear in BLACKFACE). And now . . . GIRLS JUMPING ON TRAMPOLINES!!!!


I'm definitely NOT what you'd call a diehard sports "fan" but, as with EVERYTHING else on this list, the PCers have sank their politically correct claws into sports too (and, like with EVERYTHING else on this list, has caused the NFL to lose money as a result).

Of course, some-or many-might ask why DON'T the PCers just come up with their OWN "entertainment"? Maybe because that would take actual-oh, what's THAT word?-creativity on the part of the PCers? But why do THAT when you can RUIN other people's shit, right, PCers?

Hell, about the only form of "entertainment" the PCers HAVEN'T fully gotten their grubby little hands on is PORN. (The whole insipid Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump thing notwithstanding!) But give them time.

Give them time!

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