Fairy Tale Beginning
Fairy Tale Beginning fairy tale stories

sarabeth Just trying to make sense of my thoughts
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There is always an end to every beginning.

Fairy Tale Beginning

Once upon a time

You smiled your gorgeous smile

And I shyly looked away,

but smiled to myself

Once upon a time

Everything was funny

On our first date,

You told me you love my laugh

That it held so much light

And you could listen forever

Once upon a time

We went out for ice cream

And then you kissed me

Sweet, soft, and perfect

The taste of chocolate

Lingering on my lips

Once upon a time

You couldn't stop talking

About that enchanting kiss

You wanted to dance in public

And you didn’t even care

If everyone was watching

Once upon a time

You said you loved me

In the middle of a kiss

And my heart skipped a beat

or two. or three. or four...

Once upon a time

You’d have done anything for me

But the only problem is

Happily ever after doesn't exist

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