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rwinabh Just spilling ink to drain myself
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Do you believe in jinxes??

A jinx

People say it’s bod omen if you see a black cat in the morning

It means something bad is going to happen

You could meet misfortune

Something like a failed presentation or a forgotten assignment

You could fall over and twist your ankle or eat something rotten and get an upset stomach

You could also get in fight with your lover or you could even brake up

But if nothing actually happens by the end of the day people simply forget seeing the black cat even though they spent the whole morning agonizing over it

But in the case something actually happens the first thing they think about is the black cat they came across

They’d blame it on the cat and get over it

Because blaming the cat makes it easier to cope with the failure they encountered

Even though the cat had nothing to do with it and with the person whatsoever

I wonder who came up with the concept of the jinx to begin with

I pity him

He must have met with so many misfortunes, enough to make him blame unrelated things to ease his guilt..

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