What Would You Choose?
What Would You Choose? choice stories
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ruru Horror fanatic and gamer
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A poem about a person who has to choose between two people they care about?

What Would You Choose?

Coffee or Tea?

Which one would you choose if you were forced to pick?

Would you pick the one who always calms you down when you need them to?

Or would you choose the one who makes you exciting and energetic?

The one who helps you sleep at night?

Or the one that keeps you awake?

Both of them can be Bitter at times, but if you do the right things, they can become sweet.

But even if they're both sweet, they don't mix well with each other.

When they mix, they become distasteful.

So if you were forced, who would you choose?

The one who always worries and tries to protect you?

Or the one who gets you in trouble, but makes you feel alive.

Would you ever be able to choose?

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