Drowning in You
Drowning in You romance stories

ratedeg **Wattpad Writer** Rated_EG
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You were my air, but now you're gone

Drowning in You

by RatedEG

The way your hair shines in the sun,

The way your beautiful eyes stare into mine.

The way your smile lights up my world,

The way you laugh is the reason for my existence.

The little things you do each and every day,

are more than enough to keep me happy.

I've never known real love before, but now I do.

Now, I'm drowning in it. I'm drowning in you.

I'm drowning in everything you do, in everything you are.

You take the air from my lungs with your existence,

and then you return as my oxygen which I live off of.

But now you're gone with no explanation.

I'm left here, still drowning in you, but in your memories.

Gone is my light, gone is my air.

You've left me Breathless.

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