All Aboard The Baby Blue
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It should have been the start of a beautiful holiday, but instead it was the start of a beautiful chase.

All Aboard The Baby Blue

The bell chimed from the speakers however Andrew and Nico had greater concerns on their hands than their boarding time for Tahiti - chasing down their fourteen year old son

and seventy-three year old mother for example.

It started like any other holiday journey, Nico micro-managing Max to make sure he really had packed the correct amount of underwear,

and Andrew convincing Lucy for the twentieth time that hour that it was very much unnecessary to pack all three boxes of Yorkshire tea.

It was admittedly an unconventional choice to bring your seventy-three year old mother with you on your holiday to Bora Bora,

but Lucy's husband had recently passed away and as her only son Andrew could not bear the idea of leaving his mother alone for nearly a month.

The car ride to the airport was a two hour game of genre tug of war between Lucy and Max. Lucy had preference for country songs, whereas Max had recently discovered show tunes.

Andrew and Nico found a compromise with a playlist of top country musicals, one would not be surprised to find that Oklahoma was heavily present.

While not his first choice, Andrew did not feel entirely awful for daydreaming about Hugh Jackman.

As with any father leading the organisation for a summer holiday, the Banana family had three hours to kill once they reached the airport.

This began as a very easy battle as Max had his phone and tablet, and Lucy was enjoying her book of sudoku.

Andrew and Nico looked over pamphlets for their hotel agreeing that they did indeed really deserve a full body massage and no,

having champagne waiting for them upon arrival was not pretentious - they earned it.

It was about two and a half hours in where the trouble began.

Like all fourteen year olds, there is a limit one reaches before their insatiable appetite decides it must be appeased once more, additionally, Lucy had completed every sudoku puzzle, and yes,

she had stole the newspaper belonging to the man who just went to the toilet, apparently his was the easiest puzzle to solve.

With a small discussion Andrew and Nico agreed to let Max go by himself to get a snack and Lucy a book, however Lucy did not trust his taste in puzzle books and went with him.

Max looked over his options and decided that between a tub of some very sad looking grapes, an alarmingly squished ham sandwich, and a small but warm croissant,

the latter seemed much more appealing. Placing his croissant on the much too hot plate Max went and paid for his overpriced pastry; he was about five steps back to his Dads when he saw Lucy.

Now this would be perfectly normal, except Lucy, his seventy-three year old grandmother, was riding away on a small child's glittery,

baby blue scooter - a puzzle book was also tucked safely under her arm.

Max had a choice to make, he could either go over to his dads and explain the situation, or he could shove his croissant in his mouth and give chase. Max gave chase.

While Lucy was a seventy-three year old lady who enjoyed puzzles, she was also her childhood neighbourhoods rollerblading champion back in the day.

Lucy whizzed out of the store, past the security guard and into the waiting area.

Obviously a small old lady on a tiny scooter is not a common sight so to say she went unnoticed would be, quite frankly, a lie.

Startled by the sudden appearance of this little old lady and her glittery get-away vehicle, people began to point.

This promptly shifted into yelling as a security guard chased her, along with a small girl with bunches poking out of a helmet matching the scooter, a man holding a stuffed pink hedgehog,

and Max. The last is what made Andrew and Nico double-take as they packed up to get ready for boarding.

A bell chimed, the voice of a woman sang out to the passengers that boarding for Tahiti would begin.

Andrew and Nico looked at each other and sighed, they really had earned that bottle of champagne that would be waiting for them at Bora Bora. If they got there.

For now though, they picked up their suitcases and began to chase after their mother and son, who finally seemed to have one thing they could agree to do - cause trouble.

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