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You work at a bar and one day a new employ comes in turning your boring life upside down

THE NEW COMER "You should totally go for the new guy". My coworker said getting ready to open the bar. "Yeah sure, I'm not that desperate you know....plus what if he's way younger than me". I replied already setting up the drinks in the shelfs they belonged to. "So you're telling me a 14 year old is working at a bar which is illegal by the way". "Whatever...". I scuffed "Oh come on as long he's fine you should totally go fo-". "SHUT IT JESSI!!". I laughed. Minutes later of laughing and chatting with the other coworkers he came in. He was a red haired guy, tall with a really handsome face , a wide cute smile and oh he could dress... "Hi nice to meet you I'm Taeyung. Kim Taeyung, I'll be working with you people from today . He extendent his hand out towards Jessi. "I'm jessi and the girl ". she responded shaking his hand with a really wide smile "The girl behind me is y/n ." I was unable to greet him because I was still busy arranging things. "Taeyung you take shift after y/n so you can watch and take notes". He nodded and sits in a seat infront of me. Jessi left with our coworkers. I looked at him for a few seconds without realising that the seconds became minutes, his face looked so familiar but from where... "How long are you going to keep staring at me". He said looking down at his phone. "W-wh-what?" . I was completely lost because I didn't realise I was still staring at him. "Sorry is just that you look so familiar but i dont know where I saw you from" That was the biggest lie i've ever said . After staring at him for some time i actually remeber how I had a huge crush on him back in highschool. "I'm that kim Taeyung hanged around the hole city billboard , I just needed a break and find a normal job before going back." He said resting his hand on his hand and looking at me. "Oh yeah now I remember ". I was actually glad he didn't remeber me from back then I was rejected by him in the past and seeing him right now hurts me so damn much. We talked during the whole shift ,and I also realised that his also a very quick learner. It's been a week since Taeyung started working here, with him working became so fun and I also realized that he's a real flirt , a selfish bastard and also a know it all plus our bar become more popular. But that didn't stop me from catching feelings for him again..... Today I decided to shoot my shot by inviting him over to my house. After both our shift were over , I invited him over to my house . He agreed and Jessi smirked and winked as I walked out with him. *FLASHBACK this morning "So I see that you and mister popular are getting very along ." She said grinning shamelessly. I glared at her while smiling. "Yeah you see.......". I glanced left and right seeing if anyone was coming our way. After checking I just decided to tell her everything , although Jessi was a coworker she was actually my bestfriend we knew each other way before we ended up working at the same place. "NANI!!!!". She screamed. iI quickly shushed her . "Friend I thought you we're korean. I said concerned ,she eyed me smacking her theeth . "You should've told me sooner I would have helped you have him the first day he stepped in." we both laughed at her words continuing to talk about what to do. *END OF FLASHBACK. After coming out of the bar we both started walking and were very talkative it felt like we knew each other fore years. Arriving home I started cooking and Taeyung decided to give me a hand . He started one of his favorite movies .We finished our food. "Haaa I'm so full thanks for the meal y/n " he said stretching and lifting his shirt up touching his stomach. "You're welcome" I replied . I made drinks and he put another movie. A little into the movie I could feel the alchool getting to me and him. We looked at eachother for a moment ,he rested his hand on my lap smiling devilishly continuing to drink .I gulped nervosly but not anough to remove his hand of off me. slowly throught the movie he made its way to my waist . I really wanted him to just stop the movie and Fuck me. "Hey the movie is getting boring let' do something more fun. He said with a sensual low voice leaning towards me. "Oh yeah,like what?" i said turning towards the tv avoiding his gaze. He turned off the tv and took the drink away from my hand climbing on top of me with his hands firmly on my waist. "Stop playing innocent" he said with a lustful deep voice that caused shivers down my spine. "I'm no-".Before i could said anything else he smashed his lips onto mine. The kiss was needy and our tongues colided together perfectly.He pulled away to breath looking directly into my eyes and unbuttoning his shirt. "I like you..." he breathed into my ear. I quickly removed my clothes showing my beautiful african curves knowing that i would regret this actions later. Our lips connected again as i wrapped my arms around his head and pulled him closer. His fingers ended up reaching my thighs spreading them apart. he slipped one finger in while kissing my neck causing me to let out a moan. He added another one ,then another. his fingers thrusting in and out harshly. "Tae...ah I'm close. I said holding onto him tightly. He took his fingers out and licked them . "sweet" He said with a sexy ass smile. He then went down and started eating me out, his tongue was so warm and skillful. I was already reaching my end I called out his name while grabbing his hair and came on his mouth. He looked up at me with a smirk , getting up we went to my room. He pulled down his boxers showing A hard long thick dick , making me hornier and having the dire to lick it. I went on my knees and started pleasuring him with my mouth. "Fuck y/n baby" "Yes" he kept groaning from pleasure throwing his head back. reaching his limit he pushed my head more making me deepthroat ,he came inside my mouth and I swallowed it. After getting up he kissed me and threw me on the bed ."your mouth tastes like me and I like that. "Tae....I want to feel you inside me". I said touching his dick that got rock hard again. he kissed my chest stomach ,chest and nibble my ear. "I was going to do it without you telling me tho. He said thrusting into me harshly, thrusting with a normal pace he touched my stomach feeling how deep he went . we both moaned and kissed eachother he kept licking biting and sucking my skin leaving hickeys on my caramel colored skin. He went faster at every thrust, I flung my legs aroud to push him inside more to hit my g-spot. as he kept hitting that spot my moans become louder and I was already on my way to climax. The knot inside my stomach unraveled making me cum sorrounding his dick and he moaned at the feeling and then he came. He lays down beside me both trying to catch our breath he old my ring finger playing around with it. he pushes me closer to him kissing my forhead . "You know I was serious back then" he said looking direct in my eyes while playing with my hair."I really like you y/n I've liked you for a really long time and I'm sorry for rejecting you back in highschool." "Wait you remeber!?" i I said in shock getting up . "yeah I can never forget the girl who made me what I am today I rejected you back then cause I was scared of not being able to make you happy and that my fame could affect our relationship " I giggled at his words ."You're an idiot you know I would have waited for you if you weren't ready. he laughed and drew me back to bed hugging me tightly."I missed you....." he kissed me again making us go 3 more times. The next day we both went to work together holding hands Jessi was the first one to welcome us"oohh I can see everything worked out between you too huh". I shoved her lightely . "Yeah it did". Taeyung replied "Thanks Jessi if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have found her. "Wait what ?"I asked in confusion. "Oh looked at the time I better start getting things ready" Jessi said walking away. "Yeah i'll help you, see you later jagiya." Taeyung said kissing my lips and smacking my butt. the end .

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