Pink and Purple
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A tribute to an old friend.

Pink and Purple

A few years ago I met this girl,

Slightly younger;

No more than nine or ten,

Every time she smiled, her eyes sparkled.

Like a pair of tiny cosmos's,

Full of forgotten galaxies.

At that time, I've already wiped away-

Every single trace of fairy-tales,

From my mind.

To me, and the rest of my peers, they were already worthless.

But this girl, this girl

Who literally looked like Snow White-

Kept her fairy-tales alive,

In her mind.

Normally girls her age would have already moved on-

From dolls or magic princesses-

To gossiping and rebelling-

But this girl, this young, innocent girl-

Was so pure,

I've thought she'd gone bonkers.

Her drawings were always-

Pink or purple hued,

Finished with markers or pastels,

They showed fairy-tales;

Ballroom dancing;

Princesses in pretty dresses.

For me, at that time,

Who was already 'grown-up' at twelve-

Couldn't see their value,

Instead I humored her,

As how I imagined an elder sister to be.

"Why do you like stories so much?"

I asked in class one day,

As I frowned down on my fruit sketch, a mess of greens and reds.

"Don't you like them?"

"I find them childish."

Somehow, my blunt retort didn't offend her,

Instead she simply smiled-

Almost pityingly-

"I don't want to grow up so quickly."

At that time I couldn't understand-

Nor could I register-

The sadness laced in her features-

Or why she suddenly seemed so mature;

Instead I simply raised an eyebrow,

Watched her apply more paint to her background-

A pink-and-purple ocean.

That was the last time I've ever saw her.

Months later when I came back from break,

The Miss called me over, into her office-

Her voice hoarse and low:

Quietly she told me,

You were gone.

Just two months after I left,

Just two months after I left, Snow White laid down to sleep,

Just two months after I left, Snow White laid down to sleep, her eyes closed forever.

I stood there, silent-

Suddenly understanding.

You grew up too soon.

Three years later when I'm much older,

And now tears don't come as easily-

I think of you sometimes,

Especially when I watch a Disney movie.

I still take art-

Though I now despise drawing still-life ;

My dear friend-

I hope you are happy up there-

You taught me a lesson-

Rekindled my child-like wonder-

A part of me that I've forgotten.

And nor will you be either,

That's something I'll make sure;

For now my fairy-tales are all remembered-

In shades of pink and purple.

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