stumbling for success
stumbling for success failure stories

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lately i've been walking a path littered with stones

stumbling for success

lately i've been walking a path

littered with stones

some are pebbles, others feel like boulders

i step and step and step and i stumble

but i never quite tumble

i never quite fall

i always manage to catch my footing

right before the seemingly inevitable

my pace may not be as fast as i would like

i'm used to being able to stroll while everyone is jogging

but things have changed

i make mistakes constantly

but i'm learning

learning new things everyday

i've never been challenged to this extent before

i'm uncomfortable often

yet when success is right around the corner

she has never looked so sweet

never felt so rewarding

even when the path to her is prickly

and working for her affection is the most difficult thing i've done

it feels like the only thing i should be doing

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