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mailliardwrites Need to Get it OUT
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This is a poem about being the youngest, but I picture it as a children's picture book that parents could read to their youngest to show them that even though you're the littlest, that may be the best place to be!

The Youngest

Here you are, the last of of the brood

Welcome to the world, we've been waiting for you!

Your older siblings are so excited to meet you.

They'll love you and snuggle you, and have so much to teach you!

Your family is the BEST, and now it's complete.

More tiny ears, curling fingers, and soft little feet.

You are so lucky to have the family you do.

Mommy is so silly and Daddy is too!

They love to pretend, to read, and play games.

In your new world, no day will ever be the same.

They wanted to fill up the house, this they always knew.

With your arrival, their dreams have come true!

There might come a time, when you're feeling too small.

When your brothers and sisters do BIG KID STUFF, you can't do at all.

There will be times when you're feeling left out.

When they head outside, you'll frown and you'll pout.

But just remember, MY LITTLE ELF, these are the times you have Mom and Dad to yourself.

Mommy will take you to the park, or on long walks.

She'll push you on the swings. You'll have private talks.

Daddy will build with you, big tall towers.

His focus will be just on you, for a few precious hours.

Don't be afraid to be silly and look on the bright side.

You have a lifetime to GROW, on this wonderful ride.

Yes, your siblings can do things that you can't do yet.

But you may do them better, when It's your turn, I bet!

So you just remember, right now you are the smallest,

But someday, YOU just might be the TALLEST!

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