answering your questions besties <3

answering your questions besties <3 18k special stories

hymn contemplating abysmal tendencies
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ya’ll questions do be random lol

answering your questions besties <3

ya’ll have a LOT of questions lmao, OVER 70!!! but some were the same, so i condensed them down to 64 questions. (it’s such a big difference)

1) how and when did you start writing? did it start on here? i started writing in seventh grade english because it was required. and then i posted my first poem on here soon thereafter i think. idk i have like issues with time lol idk when anything happened, but ik it happened

2) how swag are you on a scale from 1-10? 10, duh. honestly depends tho. i’m feeling myself today tho so yeah a ten. others tho? prob like in the negatives lmao

3) why are your poems so amazing? it all depends on the reader :)

4) what do you love doing the most? writing, walking, exercising, reading, listening to music, baking, cooking, etc.

5) ever plan on leaving commaful? maybe? not anytime soon though lol

6) fav desserts? cheescakeeeeeeeee yum. ice cream too and carrot cake! oreo ice cream is superior. fight me.

7) fav author? sarah j. maas or colleen hoover idk i don’t really have fav authors, more like fav series and books and stuff lol and they all come from diff authorsssss

8) fav singer/band? billie eillishhhh madison beer olivia rodrigo conan gray joji NF

9) genre of song and book you like most? books- getting into that romance and contemporary and classics and stuff atm. (also fantasy) songs- literally all over the place. rock, alternative, contemporary, art pop, pop, indie, rap, um sad songs (bc that’s a genre)

10) fav songs? freaks- surf curse GOODMORNINGTOKYO - tokyo’s revenge HAHA - Lil Darkie Billie Bossa Nova - billie eilish people watching - conan gray r u ok - tate mcrae deja vu - olivia rodrigo all too well - taylor swift as the world caves in - sarah cothran

11) planning to publish your poems? yes, totally! not anytime soon tho lol. but yes, i wanna publish and have a poetry book, maybe even a BOOK idk ya never know lol

12) what’s your ambition? to help people the way i wasn’t helped

13) what is the thing you hate most? not having enough time

14) what kind of pet do you have? a doggyyyyyyyyy, he’s a golden retriever and german shepherd mix. cutest thing ever.

15) who is your fav kpop singer? i don’t listen to kpop :( WAIT IK A SONG THO LILAC by IU

16) who is your fav k actor? HoYeon Jung beauty queen ✨✨✨

17) fav animal? turtles, lil baby turtles puppies kitties anything fluffy (or turtle lookin) pandas

18) what’s your dream place to be? spain. or italy! or new york… canada? thailand… japan, um… all ik is that australia is a no no. i’m not trying to die.

19) where were you born? born and raised in U.S :)

20) how old are you? old enough. my bones be creakin. crackin like a kit kat. but nah i’m 15 lol

21) what would you do if you didn’t publish poems? prob drown in my tears. i rlly have no idea, poetry is my THING yk? i have no talent anywhere else lmao

22) what inspires your poems? feelings. ah. the tragedy. um yeah, mostly just feelings, memories, all that fun stuff lol

23) what is your fav book/series? fav series- throne of glass fav books- orbiting jupiter it ends with us the love hypothesis the seven husbands of evelyn hugo every last word the last time we say goodbye

24) do you believe in conspiracies? yes. yes i do. mostly political stuff but yeah lol

25) if your life was a movie, what would be its title? “growing up, moving on, letting go.”

26) cats or dogs? i would say dogs, but lately i been wanting a lil kitty…. but DOGS ALL THE WAY

27) what’s your fav form of poetry? no idea. i just do free hand, i have no planned structured lol. i like short poems tho

28) inspirations on commaful? @iamafollower @ultraa @lethious @magnalia @sweven_summers not on commaful but i must say: sylvia plath, clementine von radics, and that one dude that started with a B

29) if you could change one thing in the past, what would it be? i wouldn’t change the past, you gotta make mistakes to learn from them. regardless, i wish i had better style back then 😭

30) if you could talk to any post in the world, past or present, who would it be and what would you ask/tell them? sylviaaaaaa i’d tell her that her poetry is impacting thousands, and that i wish she could’ve lived long enough to know how much she means to other people.

31) fav characters un HP, PJO, Marvel and DC? idk what the first two are, and i barely watch DC or Marvel but uhhhh… Daisy from AOS. um… IRON MAN MY BABYYYYYYY STOPPPPPP

32) juice or milkshake? wow. those are two very different things lol. prob juice ngl. but only if it was orange juice. in any other case, a milkshake. now if it was between smoothies and milkshakes, i’d choose smoothies.

33) fav chocolate? white chocolate. oreo white chocolate. (why are y’all asking about food? is it because i’m a taurus? i swear…)

34) any phobias? idk what they’re called but i have a fear of abandonment, a fear of changes (somewhat) and a fear of BEES

35) any place you’d like to escape to? ah that lake i was talking about in my poem “the ripples ease my soul”. only at night tho lol

36) fav board game? no idea. UNO?

37) if you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? i’d save over half of the money. i’d spend the rest on clothes, shoes, food, gifts, all that stuff lol (or charity… i’m not a bad person)

38) if you were a superhero, what would your power be? invisibility… truth serum person… wind. oh wait i got it. i’d have the power of charm ;)

39) can you impersonate someone famous? idk you tell me. “what are you?” “AN IDIOT SANDWICH”

40) what’s your favorite color? green atm. pastel green. or brown. pastel yellow too

41) fav obx character? JJ. all the way. i also liked Topper in the second season.

42) hidden talent? i can make really good playlists… (follow me)

43) fav number? 15? or 21

44) what song do you relate to most? freaks by surf curse

45) fav movie? malcolm and marie

46) did you ever think that you’d get 18k followers on here? nope. not in a million years. i always dreamed but like nope. SO THANK YOU

47) do you post your poems on other websites? if so, where? pinterest kinda lol. (not me giving more places for y’all to follow me on…)

48) if you are provided a shop where you can buy love, friendship, loneliness, loyalty, fame, wealth, death… what would you buy? humor, extrovertedness, communication, loyalty… charm lmao

49) if you were asked to travel in time, where would go and what time period? i would go to… new york, five seconds in the future.

50) what is the weirdest thing you’ve done in public? laughed too loud

51) are you still afraid of Mr. Wasp? hush… we don’t speak of him.

52) rate jimmy out of 10 (1 being the lowest) 10/10

53) fav poem you’ve written? (most proud of) oh wow that’s a good question. let’s see… “i try to tell you” or “when those shadows move” i like those the best lol

54) any feel-good book recs? the love hypothesis. literally my comfort book.

55) life goals? to become rich, live in three places, the city, beach, and mountains, and to have a boyfriend. (yes that’s a life goal)

56) biggest fantasy? no school EVER

57) what is life? baby don’t hurt me…

58) what would you do if you became invisible? just chill lol. maybe pull some pranks… snoop around in other peoples business…

59) a truth you always want to let people know about yourself but couldn’t? idk, i like to remain mysterious… hm… maybe that there’s more to me than just being the quiet kid. if you talk to me first, i WILL talk to you, you just gotta keep the conversation going before i get comfortable lol

60) what are your priorities? my friends, myself, food, looking good, being happy, making others happy

61) if you had to remove something from the world, what would it be? mushrooms. also inequality. also society.

62) when do you feel most proud of yourself? when i say something profound or when i achieve something. or just figuring math out, that always makes me feel good lol

63) what would you like to say to haters? i don’t have any really. i used to, but they gone now. i don’t like bringing attention to them.

64) are you an introvert? ambivert


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