His Sweet Addiction { Part 6 }

His Sweet Addiction { Part 6 } minyoongi stories

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His Sweet Addiction { Part 6 }

" Did I really think that he was going to kiss me?? What was I even thinking?? I know he kept me alive but I shouldn't fall for him, I might get in serious danger." Mia thought and looked around the room to find her escape.

But of course Yoongi could hear her thoughts, and he yanked the bedroom wide open, seeing Mia already trying to open the window. "Didn't I tell you to take a rest?? " Yoongi abruptly said, making her stop what she was doing. She nervously turned around and he was already less than an inch away from her.

" I-I just wanted to look o-outside." She said, looking down at the floor. " Liar." He said lifting her chin up for her to look at him. " You can't escape, other vampires can trace your scent and you'll be all alone and they won't leave you alive. Oh and just let you know, I would've kissed you but it would be a mistake if I even did that. " Yoongi said.

" Oh yeah... I almost forgot you can read my thoughts... Ok well I'll leave tomorrow then." She said. " Ok goodnight. " He said. The next morning, Yoongi was still in deep sleep, but he could smell a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. But he was just too sleepy to wake up now.

Mia had just finished cooking breakfast and she knocked on his bedroom door to see if he was awake. But there was no answer so she walked in, and saw him still sleeping. Mia started poking his face but he didn't move. " I'm sleepy... leave me alone." He muttered, furrowing his eyebrows.

Then all of the sudden, the doorbell rang and Yoongi jumped right of bed. " Aish... I was sleeping so good." He whined as yawned a little. " YAH! HYUNG!!! OPEN THE DOOR!!!" Jimin and the others shouted from outside.

" Lock yourself in the closet and don't make a sound. " Yoongi said and Mia just stared at him blankly. " Its your choice... It's trusting me, or getting sucked to death." He said. " But didn't you say that they can trace my scent?" Mia asked. " I know I said that, but just trust me ok? "Yoongi looked at her waiting for an answer.

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