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“‘People tell me I’m heartless,’ she whispered. ‘I don’t have a heart.’” Raw, uncensored ambition combined with bottomless rage is lethal.

// andromeda pronounced with a long “o” sound, giving rise to her nickname. potential triggers abound, this is your warning.

ALPHA; teaser intro

Rome, short for Andromeda, prima ballerina, cheer captain, modern-day princess, does everything she shouldn’t do, tortured by a trauma that she can’t escape,

a fresh wound ripped open again and again, she’s trying so hard to heal.

Ana, short for Anastasia, intense and devoted and a remorseless hypocrite, she doesn’t care that she’s sick and doesn’t want to heal.

Gray, caught between what he should do and what he wants more than anything; the only thing holding him back is himself.

Love versus obsession, recovery versus the alternative.

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