Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 23 (Part2)
Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 23 (Part2) comedy stories

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Before the complaining ended, a slipper flew out of the window and hit the loudspeaker. This, unfortunately, did not stop the radio from continuing. "Jumping movement! One two three four..."

Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 23 (Part2)

Before the complaining ended, a slipper flew out of the window and hit the loudspeaker. This, unfortunately, did not stop the radio from continuing.

"Jumping movement! One two three four..."

"Ah! Sooner or later, I will smash it! Just wait, the day I leave school is the day this speaker turns into pieces."

Listening to the commotion, Zheng Tan felt oddly gleeful.

Not everyone could become accustomed to using earplugs. He felt bad for the poor idiots who thought they could avoid morning self-study sessions after entering university.

Self-study sessions were indeed not mandatory anymore, but now they had the school broadcast that played every weekday to wake up to.

Zheng Tan felt relieved that he lived in the Eastern Quarters. It was relatively quiet over there. The broadcast couldn't be heard until he stepped on campus.

After a lap, the school radio was still not playing the news, indicating it was not yet seven.

Jiao Yuan usually got up at seven.

Wei Ling went to the cafeteria and bought some breakfast. Zheng Tan waited for him outside and the two went back to the quarters together.

They ran into Mr. Yan who was walking his dog when they entered the courtyard.

Mighty, with his big head and small eyes, wagged his tail furiously. This was because he saw Zheng Tan. Even though he was a mean little thing, he was quite nice to the other pets.

Tiger often licked his fur for him. Zheng Tan saw that even the fur balls Tiger coughed up recently had bits of white and brown in it. That must have been due to Daisy and Mighty here.

Wei Ling sometimes did Tai Chi with the elderly folks here in the quarters, so he was familiar with the older crowd. Mr. Yan knew him too, so he stopped and greeted them.

"Your dog is quite something." Wei Ling looked at Mighty and said to Mr. Yan.

Hearing this, the old man's wrinkled face cracked up into a big smile. Recently, he loved telling everyone who would listen the glorious deeds of Mighty.

But Mighty was not friendly towards Wei Ling. Maybe it was animal instinct. He avoided Wei Ling and if Wei stared at him, he would bare his teeth.


Yan looked at the breakfast Wei Ling had bought and shook his head disapprovingly: "You bought eggs and soy milk?

I heard a few days ago that when eaten together, eggs and soy milk could not increase the intake of protein, but will affect the body's ability to absorb protein. I forgot the science behind it.

You can ask Jiao, he should know."

Wei Ling thanked Mr. Yan and they were off again. Mr. Yan and Mighty resumed their walk while Wei Ling and Zheng Tan were in a hurry home.

The news broadcast had begun, which meant Jiao Yuan and Gu Youzi were probably up already.

Zheng Tan thought about what Mr. Yan said on their way home.

Now that he thought about it, it seemed that he never actually saw eggs and soy milk appear on the Jiao family dining table together before.

If it did happen, the eggs would be for Jiao Yuan to take to school to snack on. It wouldn't be eaten immediately.

In the end, Wei Ling went with milk powder.

Lan Tianzhu and Su An came by to go to school together with the kids, so Zheng Tan was relieved of his drop-off duty. It was better this way, Zheng Tan thought.

Since Wei Ling was staying here these few days, he might as well just tell the guy that thing he thought up. No matter how things turn out in the end, he'd know if he was right.

When Wei Ling was in the washroom, Zheng Tan went into the bedroom and jumped on Papa Jiao's desk. There were some books stacked on the side that Papa Jiao regularly used.

Among them was Zheng Tan's first goal "Genetics".

Papa Jiao was teaching a course on genetics this year. Zheng Tan had seen all the PowerPoint slides Papa Jiao had used so far in the course.

Papa Jiao would do a mock lecture after he completed each PowerPoint. It was a habit of his. He believed some problems in the details could only be found during a lecture.

Zheng Tan took out that book on genetics. What he needed to do now was find the information he needed in the stuff Papa Jiao had yet to cover in class.

Zheng Tan was not sure if the stuff Papa Jiao talked about in the hospital that day came from this book. He was just giving it a try. If this book proved useless, he would look inside another.

For a cat, turning pages was no simple task, but Zheng Tan was used to it. It was a skill that improved with practice. As he read, Zheng Tan kept alert for sounds and movement.

He would not flip through the book if Wei Ling came out. After all, it was unusual for a cat to read. Even if he didn't understand a work in the book, it still looked weird.

Luckily, Zheng Tan soon found the information he was looking for. No wonder Papa Jiao mentioned the subject of pre-birth development.

Judging from the look of things, he would be covering the topic soon in class, so he had been doing some reading on it recently.

When Wei Ling came into the room to pick up some files, he saw the black cat squatted next to the computer, playing with a bookmark.

"Don't pull that out, Papa Jiao must have put it there."

But the bookmark was almost completely pulled out of the book by now. So Wei Ling flipped open that book "Genetics" to the page with the bookmark to fix it.

Before he closed the book, he took glance of its contents. He froze.

He hurriedly read on, then flipped a page and read some more.

He frowned and went back and re-read the last passage a few more times.

In fact, this was the part on disputes on human gender that Papa Jiao mentioned in the hospital. Papa Jiao had made notes on the sides for class.

Zheng Tan did not directly put the bookmark on the page with the content he wanted Wei Ling to read, but rather, he put it on the previous page. This was supposed to be a cover-up of his intent.

After reading and re-reading several times, Wei Ling closed the book. He took out his phone and started dialing.

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