Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 6 (Part2)
Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 6 (Part2) comedy stories

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Now discovering that this guy had actually made its return, Zheng Tan’s mood at once plummeted. [I heard Yellowy got neutered?

Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 6 (Part2)

Now discovering that this guy had actually made its return, Zheng Tan’s mood at once plummeted.

[I heard Yellowy got neutered?

Today I saw him actually wearing an Elizabethan collar] “General” was still in the midst of excitement for finding a partner to chat with in the middle of the night.

It didn’t even feel a bit of sympathy for Yellowy.

[I haven’t seen him in a good few days] Zheng Tan continued to smack the mosquito coil incense.

Sigh, this is the fate of you pet cats, how pitiful, in the future you four musketeers of the Eastern district will turn into the four eunuchs of the Eastern district.

Not every pet cat needs to undergo that procedure.

Don’t deceive yourself.

Scram, too lazy to care about you.

Don’t go, let’s keep chatting, aren’t you cats nocturnal animals?

Like that’s got anything to do with you. I’m going to sleep, oh yeah, can’t you sing some trendier songs?

Half a minute later,a low warbling once again came from the floor below.

“You are like that~ – fire! Burning hot flame~ giving me warmth.~~”

Zheng Tan. “…” Really want to squish it to death!

Ignoring the parrot that had too much energy, Zheng Tan once again returned to the chair in the living room. He covered his ears with his paws, closed his eyes, and slept.

Early morning next day, Xiao Qu was awakened by a loud and clear wail by Zheng Tan. He struggled out of bed, in his Spongebob SquarePants pajamas, and opened the door to let Zheng Tan out.

Actually Zheng Tan could open the door himself, but this wasn’t his home after all.

He needed to be bit more conservative, and besides he wanted to bring Xiao Qu some trouble, not let him be well rested.

When Xiao Qu was letting out a big yawn and straining his eyes open, he discovered the Jiao family’s door was open.

After hearing the sounds from this side, the people that were just eating breakfast in the Jiao family home, gathered around the entrance.

Rubbing his eyes, Xiao Qu smiled and said, “Morning!”

Zheng Tan ran straight for the dining table, and found that Mama Jiao had already entered the kitchen to bring out Zheng Tan’s breakfast.

Outside the door, Xiao Qu brought out the rat from last night with his tongs. Papa Jiao looked at it, and evaluated, “A little too much strength was used, but all in all still good.”

Zheng Tan twitched his ears, pretended not to have heard, and continued eating his breakfast.

Mama Jiao had also placed a bowl of vegetable congee, having Xiao Qu join them for breakfast.

Since knowing Xiao Qu’s habit, it wasn’t possible for him to buy breakfast at this time or cook it himself. At the table, Xiao Qu told the story about catching the rat while he drank his congee.

The Jiao family became excited, especially Mama Jiao, who would tell this story to anyone she ran into.

In the afternoon, Yellowy was brought over by his owner, and he was no longer wearing the Elizabethan collar.

After several days of not seeing him, he felt that Yellowy had mellowed out, and appeared dispirited. Since Zheng Tan had known him, he had never seen Yellowy show this type of appearance.

On the side, Mama Jiao was chatting with Yellowy’s owner.

“Sister Ling, did Yellowy become like this because he hasn’t recovered from his surgery?” Mama Jiao was a little concerned.

“It shouldn’t be. I’ve seen other family’s cat undergo the same surgery, and by the second day are vigorous and lively. However after the surgery, he has indeed changed a lot.

He’s no longer peeing everywhere like before.”

Zheng Tan ran into Jiao Yuan’s room, and pulled out a large glass marble.

Yellowy twitched his ears and looked over when he heard the sound of the glass marble rolling.

Good, a response. Zheng Tan had even previously thought that the blow from the surgery was too big and he had become stupid.

Turning his paw, he rolled the marble towards where Yellowy was lying down.

Yellowy listlessly reached out a paw to grab the marble while lying down.

Five minutes later.

Zheng Tan watched the Yellowy in the living room playing with the marble in high spirits, and sighed. This bastard didn’t suffer any blow, he was just bored being stuck at home!

Afterwards under Mama Jiao’s suggestion, Yellowy was allowed to go outside for a stroll.

After walking out, Yellowy returned to his old high spirited self. Once they left the building, he began to excitedly run and meow.


On the fifth floor, the two women standing on the balcony were very puzzled. Wasn’t it said that cats who had the surgery wouldn’t call out like that anymore?

According to his understanding of Yellowy, Zheng Tan knew that this guy was just venting his sorrows for having to wear the Elizabethan collar and being confined at home for days,

and at the same time call out to the other guys, that’s all.

When they ran around the corner, they ran into old aunty Di from the third floor. Zheng Tan and the other cats all recognized her.

“Yellowy?” Old aunty Di called out.

Hearing his name, the Yellowy that had its tail in the air, and was meowing with all its might suddenly stopped. Then he squinted his eyes, and affectionately responded, “Meow~”

Zheng Tan. “…”

The feeling was like that of seeing an aunty who strode around cursing at the streets suddenly become a prim and proper lady.

Trotting along the familiar woods, he arrived at the little forest next to the residences. Chubs and Detective who were called over by Yellowy were already there.

Chubs still had the appearance of not being fully awake with his eyelids half drooping. As for Detective, he was chewing something, probably some type of insect.

Four cats walked into the forest. Zheng Tan twitched his ears, it was likely there were others in the forest.

They raised their heads to look just in time to see a streak of blue on the tree in front of them.

It was “General”. The yellow crescent on his beak always made Zheng Tan feel as if he was smiling evilly.

After Yellowy raised his head and saw “General”, he opened his mouth, “Meow——”

“General” who was atop the tree heard the sound and took a glance at the four cats with his yellow circled eyes, then lifted the claw that did not wear the GPS tracking leg band,

and brought the claw to its beak. ”Shhhh—”

Zheng Tan: “…”

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