Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 18 (Part1)
Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 18 (Part1) comedy stories

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Zheng Tan waited at the door. No one came. He scratched the door out of frustration. Of, course he didn't scratch his own door, but Qu's door across the hall. He stuck his paw through the metal bars and went crazy on the wooden door inside.

Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 18 (Part1)

Zheng Tan waited at the door. No one came. He scratched the door out of frustration. Of, course he didn't scratch his own door, but Qu's door across the hall.

He stuck his paw through the metal bars and went crazy on the wooden door inside.

That otaku Qu Xiangyang was playing computer games with headphones on. He didn't hear the noise outside. When he finally noticed, his door was severely 'scarred'.

Zheng Tan waited for nearly an hour before Yi Xin showed up covered in sweat.

Yi Xin was busy with his experiment when he got the call from the boss. He was told that he should finish his work first. However, he knew from past experience, the boss's cat was ill-tempered.

Yi Xin darted out the door the moment he was done, throwing off his lab coat on the way.

He jumped onto his newly-bought second-hand bike and pedaled as fast as he could while trying to open the cap on his water bottle.

When he finally got to the fifth floor where the Jiao family lived, he was not surprised to find the murderous black cat waiting for him.

The sound of claws on wood sent the a cold shiver down his spine.

He looked at the door, then at the look in the cat's eyes and quickly explained his reasons for being late. He stressed that this was with the approval of his boss.

Zheng Tan didn't want to listen to him babble. He ran back into the living room and fetched the bag Papa Jiao used to take him into the Health Department.

Yi Xin was not surprised by Zheng Tan's actions. He was surprised enough the last time that he was now immune. Following Papa Jiao's instructions, Yi Xin opened the bag.

Zheng Tan jumped in without being told, then stared at Yi Xin. Trying to urge him to get moving with his eyes.

Not being able to talk was a huge inconvenience. Before, he had little sympathy for the deaf and the mute. Now he knew exactly what it felt like. After all, most people couldn't read your mind.

Yi Xin did not understand the look Zheng Tan gave him. He simply followed his orders and carried the bag with the cat downstairs.

He was on flat ground when he remembered that he could have just let the cat walk down by itself.

Yi Xin proceeded to bike the two of them to the university hospital.

Unfortunately, things could go wrong even with a bike ride.

They didn't make it too far out the Eastern quarters, when Zheng Tan heard a 'clank' followed by the bike slowing down.

Hearing Yi Xin swear, Zheng Tan looked out from the basket. Everything seemed normal. Then he looked behind them. There, in the middle of road, was a broken chain.

'How bad is the bike, that the chain can just break off! F*ck!'

They had to wait quite a while for the school shuttle, and it stopped way too often anyways. Zheng Tan didn't have the time to wait.

Take a taxi? Who knew when a taxi would drive through campus? Go by bike? From whom could they borrow a bike?

Zheng Tan didn't know what he would do if Yi Xin borrowed another bike that broke down half-way to the hospital.

Zheng Tan suddenly remembered seeing Papa Jiao's scooter in the shed when they came downstairs. The weather had cooled down recently. When time permitted, Papa Jiao jogged to work.

Yi Xin didn't have a clue what to do. He was squatting next to his bike when he saw the black cat jump out the basket.

"Hey, why are you running! Wait!" Yi Xin more anxious. He could buy another bike, but how could he face the boss if he lost the cat.

So Yi Xin left his bike on the side of road and ran after the cat. The bike was second-hand anyways. Now with a broken chain, it was so worthless that only sanitation workers would touch it.

No one was going to steal his bike.

Zheng Tan ran back to the quarters. Back home, he found the other key to the scooter in a corner of the desk drawer. He brought the key out, just when a panting Yi Xin caught up with him.

Zheng Tan glanced at Yi Xin then jumped onto Papa Jiao's scooter. He patted the seat and laid down the keys.

Yi Xin: "... "

Well, it was official. The boss's cat was different.

The scooter was much more reliable compared to the bike. It required less physical work by Yi Xin as well.

It was great that he didn't need to pedal anymore; Yi Xin wasn't sure he still had the strength to do so.

Zheng Tan was still dissatisfied. A scooter was slow compared to a motorcycle. It was during times like this that Zheng Tan really wished the Jiao family had a car of their own.

On the way to the hospital, Zheng Tan took special care to memorize the way. If something happened in the future, he would like to count on himself.

Relying on others was both wasting time and looking for trouble.

The hospital affiliated to Chuhua university was not on campus, but rather two bus stops away. It served as medical, teaching and research facility and was a Level Three First grade hospital [1].

The medical side of the building was always full of people. Yi Xin parked the scooter, then followed the detailed address given by his boss and carried the cat in, hidden in a bag.

After all, hospitals did not welcome pets. Zheng Tan couldn't just swagger in.

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