Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 16 (Part1)
Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 16 (Part1) comedy stories

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Zheng Tan felt lost; he didn't even know "the Buddha". Originally, he thought Papa Jiao was going to talk about him running away, but not only did he not mention it, he was talking about some "Buddha".

Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 16 (Part1)

Zheng Tan felt lost; he didn't even know "the Buddha".

Originally, he thought Papa Jiao was going to talk about him running away, but not only did he not mention it, he was talking about some "Buddha".

"Forget it. He doesn't look like he knows anything." Mama Jiao returned to the kitchen. She didn't think a cat could make Chuhua's famous "Buddha" change her attitude.

Papa Jiao sat down on the sofa and described "the Buddha" to Zheng Tan.

When he heard Papa Jiao say she was a woman in her fifties with a stern look, he immediately thought of the lady who came by the lake every day.

"Buddha" was actually Ye He. She was the dean of the Faculty of Physics.

Because she was so serious and demanding all the time and her name happened to be part of the name of that famous Qing Dynasty Buddha Yehe Nala [1], she was nicknamed "the Buddha".

Her department was part terrified and part in awe by her. It didn't help that her husband was now the headmaster.

Zheng Tan recalled Dean Ye's look and her leadership style. The nickname was really quite fitting.

Papa Jiao did not ask about him running away nor did he say anything more about "the Buddha" smiling. It didn't seem like a bad thing.

The kids woke up at dinner time. Jiao Yuan went immediately to the fridge to check on his "treasures".

"Oh, sh*t!"

Mama Jiao, who was carrying out dishes of food, caught him the moment he started swearing. She laid down the plate and gave his ear a hard tug.

"Foul language. That's one buck deducted from your pocket money!"

"Hey, don't. I was in the moment. I couldn't control myself. Have mercy." Jiao Yuan begged while rubbing his ear.

But Mama Jiao's heart was set and Jiao Yuan was out of a buck. Zheng Tan could tell from his gritted teeth, those three boys were going to get a tongue lashing from him tomorrow.

After being deserted for seven days, the Jiao household was lively again.

After dinner, the two children watched a bit of TV, then obediently went back to their rooms to study. After missing school for a week, they had quite a bit of catching up to do.

Mama Jiao cleaned up the dishes, then left to visit her colleagues.

Mama Jiao taught junior high English at a school near Chuhua University. Her co-workers had to sub in for her when she was gone.

Now that she was back, she bought some fruits and went over to their place to thank them.

As for Papa Jiao, he was now sitting at the desk with a book.

Zheng Tan went over to see the cover. It was a collections of essays by Lu Xun. This meant Papa Jiao was not in a very good mood.

People unavoidably suffered from negative emotions from time to time, but each had their own way of dealing with it.

For some people, it was alcoholism; for others, it was fighting or extreme sports. Papa Jiao never swore or did intense stuff to vent.

Because there were children at home, he rarely smoked or drank.

So, when Papa Jiao was frustrated, he read the works of Lu Xun.

Zheng Tan remembered in August, when Papa Jiao was waiting for the National Natural Science Foundation to announce the list of scientists receiving funding this year,

he started reading Lu Xun's "The True Story of Ah Q".

A few days later, the National Natural Science Foundation contacted him to notify him he was on the list.

As for today ...

Zheng Tan jumped on the desk to take a closer look. Papa Jiao was reading "Some Thoughts on 'F*ck' ".

... times were progressing; it couldn't possibly regress to the age of 'f*ck'.

After deep thought, coupled with our long history of cultural heritage, we finally found a word that was "more elegant", "more civilized" and more exhilarating than "cool" - "Ass".

"My ass" was now said out loud with ease ... [2]

Zheng Tan read the paragraph, then looked back at Papa Jiao, who was reading on with a straight face. Well, everyone had to vent somehow. Sometimes, he really didn't understand Papa Jiao.

Zheng Tan went to the balcony to get some fresh air. The night air was cool with the slight sweetness of flowers.

Before he could take a deep breath, unique singing from the fourth floor disrupted his peace.

"I plant~ a mellow at the foot of a wall, watering it every day ~ visiting it every day ~ it sprouted ~ flowers bloomed~ and it became ~ a big watermelon ~, big watermelon oh big watermelon,

~ I can't even hold it ~ "

Zheng Tan: "... "

Hold a melon your as*.

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