Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 13 (Part1)
Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 13 (Part1) comedy stories

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Yi Xin trembled with fear as he explained why they'd come, but when Professor Lan heard that Zheng Tan had gotten fleas, he just laughed and exclaimed, "Serves him right!" Despite saying this, Professor Lan still went to get medicine for Zheng Tan, and Zheng Tan followed him into the room.

Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 13 (Part1)

Yi Xin trembled with fear as he explained why they'd come, but when Professor Lan heard that Zheng Tan had gotten fleas, he just laughed and exclaimed, "Serves him right!"

Despite saying this, Professor Lan still went to get medicine for Zheng Tan, and Zheng Tan followed him into the room.

As for Yi Xin, he was to mop the kitchen floor.

Professor Lan was a retired staff member of the Chu Hua University's Life Sciences department.

Even though he'd retired and no longer taught, he still had a lot of influence in the life sciences department.

At the same time, even though he wasn't teaching, several companies had hired Old Geezer Lan as a consultant at a very high salary, so he had a lot of connections with several companies.

That was why, even though Old Geezer Lan's home was very plainly adorned, his net worth shouldn't be underestimated.

Professor Lan always had a taut face, which gave others the impression that he had a bad temper and was too serious.

From time to time, Professor Lan would take a stroll past the life sciences department, and during the practical session for the botany course,

the old man would occasionally drop by to help direct the troops.

When this happened, the younger instructors voices' would get weak, never mind the students themselves, who wouldn't even dare to breathe loudly.

It was no wonder that Yi Xin stuttered when he saw Old Geezer Lan.

He'd gone through the Chu Hua university system, and the year he'd taken the botany course had left an extremely strong impression of Old Geezer Lan in his memories. So Yi Xin was very curious.

Old Geezer Lan wasn't the type of person to care about what other people thought of him.

Even if the current chair of the life sciences department were present, Old Geezer Lan might not necessarily give him face.

In other words, Boss Jiao definitely wasn't the reason for him to be acting like this. Therefore, why was Professor Lan so restrained towards his Boss' cat?

In actuality, Old Geezer Lan was behaving this way because Zheng Tan had once done something for him by chance.

A month previously, when Zheng Tan was going down the stairs for his walk, he ran into Professor Lan's wife, Mrs. Di. Mrs.

Di didn't have a very good heart, and at the time, she was helping an old lady from another apartment unit lift some heavy items.

On the way back up the stairs, she suddenly felt her heart acting up, but it was the middle of the day when everyone was in class or at work.

Even more was that Old Geezer Lan was on a business trip.

When the old lady had just managed to fish out her medication bottle, her hand twitched and let go; subsequently, it rolled down the stairs.

In her current state, she had difficulty even taking a single step. In the end, Zheng Tan ran down the stairs and brought the bottle of pills back to Mrs. Di.

Mrs. Di promptly took her meds and recovered quite quickly. Ever since then, Mrs. Di would laugh every time she saw Zheng Tan. If Mrs.

Di had been home today, Old Geezer Lan wouldn't have dared to yell at Zheng Tan.

To outsiders, the old man's temper was pretty bad, but inside the house, he'd be the to get yelled at by his wife. Naturally, when guests were present, his wife would still help him save face.

As such, Zheng Tan wielded the support of Old Geezer Lan's wife, so he wasn't afraid of Old Geezer Lan's taut face in the slightest.

Old Geezer Lan took out two bottles. One contained liquid, while the other had powdered medicine.

The liquid medicine was for use in Zheng Tan's baths and could prevent him from getting fleas when he went outside to play.

Zheng Tan had used it in the past, but after using it up, they'd never gone back to Professor Lan to get more because it was such a hassle.

As for the powdered medicine, it was meant for him to rub his body with.

These things couldn't be purchased other than from Old Geezer Lan, as they had all been personally acquired by the old man.

It was guaranteed to be safe, pure, and natural; even if a cat licked it, it'd be fine. Though, Zheng Tan had never licked his own fur, so that wasn't much of a concern.

The old geezer poured a little of the powdered medicine into his palm, then proceeded to rub it into Zheng Tan's fur.

Zheng Tan turned his head to look at the fur that had been messily disheveled and raised an eyelid at the old man.

The old man didn't make a sound, and after he finished rubbing the powder in, he slowly closed the bottle, put it back, and brushed Zheng Tan's fur back in its natural direction.

After he'd finished smoothing it out, he gave him two heavy slaps, nearly flattening Zheng Tan.

"If I were to sold this tiny bit of medicine, I'd make enough to buy a house full of cats. Aren't you lucky to be getting this for free? When are you going to help me out in that flower bed?"

Professor Lan didn't expect the cat in front him to understand. He was just speaking his thoughts out loud, whilst slapping Zheng Tan a few times in revenge.

Zheng Tan wiggled his ears, shook out his fur, and ignored the old man that was talking to himself. He walked out of the room and prepared to head back.

Outside of the room, Yi Xin had already finished mopping the floor and was sitting rigidly by the sofa. Even a fool would be able to tell that he was nervous.

Professor Lan gave the two bottles of medicine to Yi Xin, then went back into the room to grab a small brown glass bottle. "These two bottles of medicine are for the cat.

I won't tell you how to apply it, asking your advisor should be fine. This brown bottle has insecticide that's 10X concentrated. You'll need to dilute it on your own before you use it."

After saying this, Professor Lan opened the main door, hinting that they should leave.

"That… Thank you, sorry for the trouble!"

Yi Xin summoned the courage to say thank you, grabbed the three bottles, and followed Zheng Tan out of the door.

It wasn't until they'd returned to the Jiao residence on the fifth floor that Yi Xin let out a breath of relief.

Zheng Tan had also become much more relaxed. After managing to resolve the flea problem, he felt completely at ease and leisurely opened a bag of roasted fish fillets to eat.

However, before the two could relax too much, there was a sound at the front door.

Hearing the frequency of the knocks, and the clamor, at the front door, Zheng Tan was instantly able to guess who was at the front door. He gazed up at the ceiling.

When would they ever have some peace and quiet?!

Yi Xin had no idea who was outside however, until he opened the door.

There were three little boys at the entrance, all about the same age as Jiao Yuan.

They were all in sixth grade at the elementary school affiliated with Chu Hua University, and they all lived in the eastern residential quad. The group would frequently play together.

Zheng Tan recognized them, but Yi Xin didn't.

Not waiting for Yi Xin's inquiry, one of the little kids blurted out, "Who're you?!"

The question was like a heroic statement of justice.

One of the sturdier looking children even shuffled around in his backpack and took out a small rolling pin that had been gnawed on by rats, assuming a defensive stance.

Seeing that these three children were obviously on guard and suspected him, Yi Xin tried to desperately demonstrate his amicability and explicitly put on a rigid smile.

It took him five minutes to explain his own identity, and he even fished out his graduate-student ID.

The three brats huddled together to look at the picture of Yi Xin on the graduate-student ID, then glanced at Yi Xin in front of them.

"Is the person in this picture really you, bro? He clearly looks more mature than you.

" The child with the rolling pin asked, but immediately afterward stopped and happily remarked, "Hey, I was unexpectedly able to use the vocabulary term, 'mature'."

"I hope you remember to use it in your next essay. Maybe you'll be able to get 90 points, or maybe even more." Another child said as he returned Yi Xin's graduate-student ID.

The group of three walked into the living room and glanced at Zheng Tan who was peacefully laying on the sofa. At this point, they finally calmed down, as the cat wasn't behaving strangely.

This meant that this person called Yi Xin really was an acquaintance, so they sat down on the sofa one by one.

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