7 Hours Of Wait
7 Hours Of Wait school stories

ashj Constructive criticism appreciated
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From someone who passionately dislikes school.

7 Hours Of Wait

Awoken 50 minutes to school time. Blaming poor, unfaulty water ready to wash me, Tear stains on the smart skirt and shirt of grey and wine Buttoned up by sighing parents Now habitual of this complaining like buzzing of a bee

At the ground, hands joined, told to wish for fortune and health, While I strike a bargain with God for candy Only if he commands a quick school break. Ten tiny digits wrapped around pencils with lead tips. Caught in like a horse with blinkers, there's of leather ours of fear.

Blank brains repeat lessons in unison. Irony! They teach freedom struggle inside four walls. Rules to decipher poems only in teachers from. Forget to balance conscience cause that chemical equation seems to demand it mor'!

Gods definitely not in mood for the candy bar The dispersal takes forever.

Yet, All's forgotten on the way to home. All's comforted by a nap with family on soft foam.

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