Morning thoughts: Amid Covid19
Morning thoughts:
Amid Covid19 

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xkon Just a poet I suppose…?!
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Inspired by this cold new “Covid 19” world during a time of social/political woe

Morning thoughts: Amid Covid19

Gray skies greet me as I rise to meet the day Desolate streets below where only congregating pigeons grow to perhaps gossip about the news of the day.

Spottily, the subject matter’s footsteps pitter - patter Interrupt chitter-chatter but, hurriedly they pass — without delay.

Just brewed some coffee but, don’t drink it black… Ehh, need some milk but, gotta put on a N95 just to go get that! Shit is crazy now as if it wasn’t already!

Social distancing… Self isolation … Shelter in place… are these the new keywords to frame this time & space?

Where the social political divides collide and leaves us on opposite sides of this upside down I R L parody of “who likes their toast Butter Side Down?!”

“Us” vs “them” Who’s the the “Us” the “Them” the “Asymptomatic “ WHO’S GOT THE BUTTA?! You Me?

Damm’t the static I’m so confused Peeps buying Guns Now Getting ready for Armageddon Now Forgotten is Parkland Now! Thank God for Distance Learning Now!!

The Apocalypse will not be televised will not be televised will not be televised The Apocalypse will be LIVE! and Viral… Damn,

The Milk! Ok so, keys, phone, wallet … mask, gloves, purell. Out✌🏾 -RP

Thank you for reading Stay safe, Stay healthy Keep creating Spread Love ❤️

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