I’m heading home
I’m heading home land stories

woah22222 Just writing to write so I can write.
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Heading home to land I have known.

A land, a place you grew up in.
Have you ever feared going back to a place
that during childhood
treated you horribly.?

I’m heading home

Heading home to land I have known

A place I once wanted to avoid at all costs

Heading home was hard for me to bare

Because living here

They never treated me fair.

The people were savaged

Breaking me as a child

Me in the process

ending up damaged

Heading home what is the point?

I'm a full grown adult

That should have moved on from this joint

But the problem is

This my hometown I grew up in

Not something I can easily forget,

Not until I find resolve for what happened.

I'm 50 years old

A young 20 at the time that wanted to go

Wanted to be free

Because his place was hell to me.

I'm afraid of the unknown

But I need to face this place

I'm heading home.

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