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A soothing short story. Since I wanted to leave this as much to personal imagination as possible, I decided to not use any visuals.
Enjoy ^^


Finally being done for the day,

I open my front door and walk in.

I breath in the familiar smell of home as I take off my coat.

My muscles ache and my feet are sore.

I rub my toes as I'm taking of my shoes.

The pain spreads through my body, like a ripple in the water.

I stretch out, taking one deep breath.

'Time for a nice, warm shower.'

I walk up the stairs and enter the bathroom.

The sweet smell of honey enters my nostrils.

A pleasant sensation runs through as my body longs for the shower that will ease my exhausted muscles.

I turn on the water to heat and I let my clothes fall to the floor.

The steam spreads through the room, blocking my reflection.

I step into the shower and welcome the rising heat.

The warm water streams from my hair to the floor, enveloping me like a cozy blanket.

I turn up the heat and sit down.

The cold tiles chill my back as I close my eyes, simply listening to the sound of the water running.

My mind goes blank, reaching a soothing trance.

All being left, a semblance of peace.

I can imagine myself between the rocks, leaves gushing with the wind and branches falling from the trees.

A magnificent waterfall cleansing my soul.

Fish in the pond as I savor the river water splashing down my back.

The sound of mother nature blessing the world with its life.

I take a deep breath.

The smell of honey swiftly pulls me back home,

drifting away to inner lullabies.

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