The People From Beyond: Part 1 Moving
The People From Beyond: Part 1 Moving comedy stories

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Richard is look for a fresh start with his two daughters, Audrey and Kricket, after the resent... "incident"...

They are moving to the old house Richard lived in with his dad, and after a little spit and polish he knew he could make the house livable again! Yes, sir everything was going his way.

That is until the Aliens showed up.

The People From Beyond: Part 1 Moving

My First fic on Commaful HOW EXCITING!!! First off let me say thank you for stopping by to read my fic.

I love writing, and people like you who take the time to check out my work means the world to me. Hell, when you create something the fact that people even see it at all means the world to them.

That's why at the beginning of every chapter I'd like to take a moment to shine a light on other peoples work.

Be it videos, poems, books, other fics, comics, fanfiction, movies, or any other form of media.

People pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their work and that deserves praise in it of itself. I never accept payment from the creators or ask them to post my work in exchange.

I do this because I want more people to find their work.

You can message me and suggest a work you feel needs more attention,

but it may take me awhile to get to it there are so many things I want to mention already that it may take me awhile to get to it. The most I'll ever recommend per chapter is three things.

I feel like it would be more of a review than a fic. My advice is if I can get to mention it on your page.

The more we can do to help the talented people of the world the better😊 I am writing this story and wattpad and am planing on writing it on AO3.

My first recommendation is from one of my all-time favorite movies. The 2009 indie film Lo.

Lo is an amazing romantic film about a nerdy average jo who travels to hell to get his girlfriend back.

The movie explores just what a person is willing to do for love and questions what love is.

It's an unbelievably good movie that draws me in every time and if you're a fan of the romantic/horror/comedy genre I think you'll have a great time with it.

Now sit back and enjoy The People from Beyond.

Greetings humans, Martians, Uranians, creepy little moon people, and everything in between.

I am Beatrix, your gracious host and I'm here to take you on a journey of discovery, mystery, survival and ask you this one simple question. Do you know what is beyond your world?

Not so easy is it?

For countless years the most brilliant minds have asked this question and have never been given an answer.

But for one it would soon be revealed to a 44-year-old man named Richard Barns.

The question had been stuck in his mind since he was a young boy. For most children, this thought would fade until they found something new to distract themselves with.

But for him, the curiosity only grew. This surprised even him in the fact that he wasn't an inquisitive person. In fact, he was the type that preferred routine to variety.

When it came to getting ready he'd wear the same baggy t-shirts and jeans in rotations, put some water in his jet-black hair slick it back and was ready to go.

And his ideal day was just hanging out with his daughters, reading comic books, and making up an excuse not to go to the gym. So yeah, he was just your average joe. And damn proud of it!

He had no reason to want to know what anything that didn't relate to his everyday life. Let alone think about it while he was moving. Yet there he was...

Driving a moving truck down a dirt road with his daughters. In between focusing on the road and making conversation. He was lost in thought thinking about the universe.

He probably would have thought about it all day if it wasn't for his youngest daughter, Kricket, shouting, "PUNCH BUGGY RED!!!

" She hit her father, hard, causing him to nearly swerve off the road. Before he had a chance to react his oldest daughter, Audrey, was already reprimanding her.

"KRICKET!!! Are you trying to get us killed?!"

"Uh, I was just trying to have some fun."

"Fun at the risks of our lives?! There wasn't even a buggy!-"

"Well, excuse me for using my imagination!"

"Your sister's right, Kricket" Richard interrupted, "I greatly admire your efforts to try and pass the time. However, it might not have been the best game to play in our current situation.

I'm sure we would all benefit from another activity."

Kricket rolled her eyes. "You've been reading those parenting books again?"

Richard nervously laughed it off, "what gave you that idea?" Try as he might it was obvious that he was lying by the almost painful grin plastered on his face.

"Dad," Audrey consoled, "It's ok. I know you read them."

"Uh, what gave it away?"

"Well, the fact that you sounded like some wannabe psychologist was my first clue."

"Oh..." Richard was not the most confident person when it came to parenting. Don't get me wrong he was alright. It was just hard when he was missing the person he considered his better half.

When it came to Audrey everything was easy. She was 25 and just like her mother strong, kind, smart, responsible.

Hell, she even looked like her all be it a tomboy version with short black hair and had to cheek piercings, a nose ring, and eyebrow piercing.

The only thing she shared with her dad was his pale skin and green eyes. Other then that, she was all her mom.

Richard was lucky when it came to her. He never had to worry.

When it came to Kricket... he had problems... She was 14 and completely out of control.

She dressed like she liked to dress like she was fresh out of a k-pop band with a hint of a rebellion She inherited her mother's dark brown skin and hair but that was about it.

Everything else was her fathers including her face which looked like a younger, more feminine version of his. Down to the wild personality that tormented his father.

In short, Richard had his hands full.

Kricket curled up in her seat reluctantly making conversation, "So, dad what kind of job are you going to get?"

"That's a good question, honey! Excellent well done!" Richard was clearly trying to stall, "the simple question to that!... Is that!-"

Audrey turned to the back seat. "he can take his time till he finds something stable. I got a job at a piercing shop and I'll take care of the bills until he finds something."

"Audrey, I told you didn't need to do that."

"I want to do it."

"And I want you to go back to school."

"Dad, I told you I'm just taking off a year." She couldn't help but be touched by her dads concerned for her, "I promise I'll go back when you two are settled."

Richard glanced over with a prideful smile. "You promise you'll go back?"

Crossing her heart, she replied, "Promise." The loving moment was cut short when she realized he wasn't watching the road "DAD LOOK OUT!!!"

He jerked the wheel in a panic at the realization he almost had a head-on collision with a tree. His and Audrey's hearts nearly jumped out of there chests.

While Kricket acted like it was the funniest thing she had ever seen, "YAY!!! Dad's trying to kill us! Sweet!"

Scowling back at her sister Audrey wasted no time in grounding her younger sister and was met with immediate retaliation, "What! That's not fair!

" Popping her head between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. "Dad, are really going to let your daughter treat me that way?!"

Richard felt a sense of relief as they turned a corner from the heavily wooded area and beamed with pride at the sight of the log cabin he grew up in. It was a fairly large two-story cabin.

It looked to be in adequate condition with slight damage to the roof and the shutters appeared to be falling off. But all and all not to bad.

The cabin was surrounded by trees, large bolder, and was teaming with life. The whole scene felt like it was plucked right out of a nature catalog.

To him, it was the most beautiful place in the world.

To Kricket it was hell, "How far away is the nearest town again?"

Full of cheer he was oblivious to his daughter's hateful tone, "About 15 miles away."

"So... If an ax murder comes we're gonna be at his mercy?"

"We are perfectly safe out here. I've looked on countless websites and the last known lunatic attack was on the other side of the country.

The poor boy was so shaken up he couldn't even call the police. It took him five years to even write about it online."

Audrey felt her energy drain, "Dad, that's a creepypasta."

"No, I'm pretty sure the guy was talking about his life."

"Yeah, that's what they do,"

"Well, agree to disagree,"

Parking the car Richard was quick to usher his girls into his family home. Opening the door a sea of memories came flooding back.

From his old height chart down the hall to the scratch on the floor from when he tried to ride his bike through the living room. It was like reliving one of the best parts of his life.

"What do you think?!" He was in such bliss he failed to realize the horror on his daughters' faces.

As their eyes darted across the rickety old floorboards to the nearly caved in sealing and the stairs with such rotted out wood it was scary to even attempt to climb.

The place looked like it should have been condemned.

Not wanting to crush her father's enthusiasm Audrey gave a long-drawn pause that was filled by Kricket blurting, "Did you bring the tent,"

"I sure did!" Richard smiled.

"Good, that's where I'm living," Kricket wasted no time in rushing back to the moving truck.

While Richard tried to blow it off, "Chhh, I don't know what she's talking about? This place is great.

" Trying to turn on a light he and Audrey jumped as large volt of electricity caused a lightbulb to explode, "Ok, so maybe this place needs a little TLC, but other than that it's perfect."

Audrey wasn't even going to attempt to try and fake her disdain for the place, "Dad, I know you love this cabin, but since grandpa died it's kind of- completely gone downhill."

A sudden overwhelming sense of defeat came over him as he was forced to face reality. "Yeah, your right..."

"Why don't we just try looking for another apartment? We could sell this place and move back. I'm sure there's a school district that hasn't heard of Kricket."

He turned away not wanting her to see his reaction, "no, I'm sorry but, no. This house is all I have left of my dad. I'm never going to sell it."

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