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// analysis of // clockwork // which is found here: https://commaful.com/play... //

// clockwork // analysis //

before i begin, i'd like to make sure that it is understood that this is my own personal analysis of this poem, this is simply where i came from when i wrote this poem, and if your interpretation of the poem is completely different, that's completely okay! i'd love to hear your interpretations in the comments below!!

**trigger warning: mentions of unhealthy relationships**

* disclaimer * this poem was partially based on a song by the 1975, entitled "inside your mind", the song itself did not influence this poem, just an analysis of the song done by the lead singer matty healy in an interview, i do recommend listening to it, i will link it in the comments section for anyone who is interested

this poem begins with the idea that home does not mean the same thing for everyone. and it does not stay the same meaning for your whole life, but rather ebbs and flows depending on both circumstances and experiences. these various connotations can be good, bad, both, or neither, but they are not always in constant agreement with each other

since we grew up in this conflicting idea of home, that it can be both good and bad, we also grow into this "opposites attract" mentality, that disagreement is often a good thing. in this poem i question where the line is that separates love and occasional conflicts, and infatuation with opposing opinions that your partner(s) offer.

i know that far too many times i’ve loved the thrill of being able to argue my point and give my opinion with someone who thinks opposite to me, before realizing that the only thing holding us together was both our stubbornness, and ironically enough, our constant arguments

though controversial, many relationships can stem from these constant disagreements we grew up with at “home”, that just dragged on into our own relations with other people as we grew older. which is why i question where this line of distinguishment should be drawn, because it affects not only the people in the relationship, but also family and possible future posterity.

i compare this dissonance of thought to a clock, where we are just two hands circling around in opposite directions, with me going clockwise and you going counterclockwise. our thoughts run in completely different directions, but we are inevitably part of the same clockwork and we are bound to end disastrously.

i continue to question whether i am in this relationship due to the times that our thoughts collide and we agree on an issue, which i compare to how hands of a clock going different directions would collide twice a day,

or whether i am in this relationship because i love the twelve hours of opposition that occurs between the times that our hands of the clock meet (because if you think about a clock with hands going opposite directions, they’ll meet every twelve hours, and then move along away from each other, sorry i’m awkward hehe)

i explain that in these twelve hours of disagreements, i can take on new perspectives and open my mind to new ideas, which cannot always be done with people that agree on everything, which suggests a possible contradiction to my entire poem.

but i disregard that thought, and move on to say that if i always tick in the clockwise direction, i will inevitably tighten myself too far and implode, which symbolizes the idea that i would always be the one to give in to your arguments, always hide my opinion when we’ve argued for too long, just for the one second of union we have every twelve hours.

and i continue to mention that you will always be the one to loosen yourself, putting no effort into the relationship, basking in the glory of our disagreements and the idea that you seem to always be right. but i guess ignorance is bliss. better than being alone, i suppose.

hope y’all liked that! i hope to do these with more of my poems, hopefully all of them! i will try to analyze two poems per week, until i get caught up, then i hope to publish a poem, then analyze it the same week, which i am really looking forward to xx tysm for all the support xx love y’all sm xx

also, if you are looking forward to any certain poem to be analyzed, comment it down below xx if you’d like to be added to my taglist for my poem analyses, comment that you are interested, and i’ll add you xx

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