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// is this attraction or rather infatuation? //

// clockwork //


such a vast term.

one whose connotation

can ebb and flow

from negative to positive

like two magnets

of unequal power.

of unequal polarity.

we always learned

that opposites attract

but is this attraction

or rather infatuation?

am i truly in love with you,

or am i simply obsessed with

your mind,

and how it works counterclockwise

to mine,

before realizing that we are part of the same clockwork?

do i continue to throw myself

back into this union

because of the times

we collide together in thought and mind

as both hands meet at the same hour,

after twelve hours of opposition

in our ways,

or is it because those twelve hours

of complete dissonance

is oddly satisfying.

those twelve hours

those of which are filled with constant disagreements

and opposable ideals,

ones that eventually spur

the opening of my mind to new heights.

so i ask you once again,

are you home to my heart,

because of my uncontrollable attraction to you,

which is only shown twice

in every twenty-four hour time period?

or are you home to my heart

because of my inevitable infatuation

of your mind?

the one that always seem to tick

around the clock


while mine never strays

from the clockwise path,

in which i continuously tighten myself

a bit too hard,

to an inevitable implosion,

while you continuously

loosen yourself

to an undeniable falling apart.

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