// am i me through geography? //
                       // am i me
           through geography? // religion stories

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// inspired by i wanna die (sometimes) by the 1975 //

// am i me through geography? //

just a quick note, this poem is meant more as a spoken word and it is quite different than my usual poems, just keep that in mind when reading it, ty xx

does my belief system

stem from where I was born?

are my morals

strictly defined by the homeland

of my parents?

if i were born somewhere else,

if my parents were born anywhere else,

would i be accepted by them?

how would my life be different?

would it be as important

that i am not straight?

would it be as important

that i don’t feel comfortable

wearing the clothes i am forced into on a daily basis?

would it matter where i stand on the asexual spectrum?

would it matter that i am not “normal”?

would there be a “normal”?

would my parents be different?

would i be different?

would life be different?

if my body was born

in a different geographical location?

*update on my book* sooooo, it’s all done, except for the design aspect of it, which I am working on with my best friend. also, i will be putting up an instagram for my poetry, hopefully mid-late may (i am working on posts rn, i just wan to have enough content ready when i put it up) so that i can get more exposure before i publish my book (i’ll give more information on that soon) love you all sm xx

*also, i have a q&a going, if you are interested, I will link it down below, so if your have any questions, please ask them (even if you’ve already asked something)* *you can join my taglist anytime, just comment and i’ll add you asap*

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