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What had started as a regular boring, no electronics thank you very much for ruining my life, camping trip is about to change Madelaine and her life forever.

First, Madelaine suffers the grievous car ride and her sister's insufferable babble to go camping against her will with her family. Then, her little dog Mocha, and her lifeline that gets her through each day, is lost in the woods. How can her life possibly get worse?

It does, when Madelaine wakes up in a cold dark room with no idea how she got there. Madelaine has been kidnapped right out of the tent where she slept next to her parents and sister.

1 Mocha Runs Away

A pair of flashlights bob in the darkness, shining their lights on the ground of a narrow dirt trail in a depressing dance that does not do enough to light the night.

Two footsteps, one lighter the other heaver, plod along behind the dancing lights, trees pressing in on the sides and overhead to block out most of the world.

The stillness of the night looms all around, filled with the haunting night noises of the forest. The moon and stars above give little light in the dark of night.

What started as a regular boring, no electronics and thank you very much for ruining my life camping trip is about to change Madelaine and her life forever.

Madelaine is devastated. Her little dog Mocha is gone.

“I should have tied her up. Mom told me to and I didn’t. Now Mocha is gone, all because I didn’t tie her up. Mocha hates being tied up.”

She looks up at the dark sky. It is only slightly less dark than the trees. She feels like the darkness is pressing in, trying to swallow up the world.

The figure walking next to her in the darkness is taller, thicker, and more solid than her slight frame. His presence is a beacon of safety in the dark night. He is her dad.

“Stop beating yourself up about it.” Clive moves closer to her and puts an arm around her shoulder.

Madelaine pushes down the urge to push him off. Usually she doesn’t like anyone to touch her at all.

Madelaine pushes down the urge to push him off. Usually she doesn’t like anyone to touch her at all.

Not even the casual familiar contact of her own family. It makes her feel hemmed in, overcrowded, caged by their proximity.

“Those few times I have ever had to tie her up, Mocha hated it,” she thinks hollowly.

“She cried and yelped and lunged at the end of the rope. She just kept whimpering, and trying to follow me.

She would spin and get herself all tangled up, then thrash around on the ground while yelping and crying as if the touch of the rope was somehow hurting her.”

Madelaine is filled with a fresh wave of the same guilt she felt then. Guilt over doing this to Mocha, and guilt for not doing it this time.

“It’s my fault Mocha is lost.” She swallows, still keeping her thoughts to herself.

It usually is never necessary. The dog follows her everywhere, never straying far.

“To make things even worse, we are camping in a strange place far from home. Mocha is lost somewhere in the forest and it is dark out now.”

“Stupid camping! I never even wanted to go camping. I hate camping.” Madelaine keeps the thought to herself.

She glances at her father as if worried he might have heard her thoughts. Her mind goes on, running through the list of dangers once more.

“There are bears, wolves, coyotes, and all kinds of other dangerous wild animals in the forest.

There could be deep holes Mocha could have fallen into, too deep for her to get out of. Cars come and go from the campground and on the highway. She could have been run over.

What if someone stole her? I’m never going to see my Mocha again.”

The rush of loneliness and despair fills Madelaine like a hollow sickness. Alternating waves of loss and remorse pulse through her like waves of nausea.

To be continued...

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