The Fanatic
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victoriahunt A humble songwriter from the mountains
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The angsty combatant that is religious fanaticism.
My monotheism is not totalitarian.

The Fanatic

You grew up in a different time You thrived in a state of mind Which I could not survive

You tend to cherish your holy grace With pressure ignited I will not find your faith

I prayed hard As I promised I would I took the time And only misunderstood

For some reason your dogma won't teach me At some point, you'd question what you believe

I grew up in a different time I don't wanna march along assembly lines Without your guidance, I'm doing just fine But I cant figure why you'd visit deep in the night

From the depths of my mind

Look where control will take you Sing your hymns of heartbreak alone Look where manipulation guides you For what sins will I atone for

It's hard to take things to heart When you're far from perfect yourself And it's hard to take you seriously when you think that all success is wealth

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