May his happy soul rest in peace
May his happy soul rest in peace best friend stories

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May his happy soul rest in peace

He is not my best friend He is just the best sort of friend

It wasn't funny, how much the dude depended on me Help, I was willing to offer, halfway I was willing to go, I was never selfless enough to go all the way And he was too mind-numbingly lazy to meet me halfway

He'd be relentless with his pestering though, be on the receiving end of my insults with a broad grin on his face. Knowing that once i was done with the verbal abuse, I'd regret and relent

He could never hate Nor could anyone hate him He talked often of the love of God , of the sacrifices his mother made, of the grand gestures he'd do for his girl.

He wasn't one of a kind. He was one of the good kind. Therefore, annoying though he was I was glad he was my friend

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