Lightning Forked Destiny #6
Lightning Forked Destiny #6 guilty stories

vibesnvoids factual and fiction
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A cult sacrifice gone wrong, grants her power to wield darkness. A darkness that spills out of her, for it wasn't meant to be wielded by mankind. But wield she does, for she isn't done fighting.

Lightning Forked Destiny #6

Arms cold as ice held her ragged body.

His eyes knew no guilt, but his gaze held something akin to that.

Free will, all of mankind were granted.

And that's exactly what he'd conceded to the child he had sworn to protect.

The child whose body now wasted away in his arms.

The darkness had ravaged her body after all.

It had only maintained an illusion of it being intact while it still clung to her skin.

Now that it had worn off, she grew brittler by the second, until all that he held was her broken self

Her groans didn't move death as it did him. It advanced slowly upon her and stilled her caged heart

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