Lightning Forked Destiny #5
Lightning Forked Destiny #5 supernatural stories

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A cult sacrifice gone wrong, grants her power to wield darkness. A darkness that spills out of her, for it wasn't meant to be wielded by mankind. But wield she does, for she isn't done fighting.

Lightning Forked Destiny #5

Chapter 5

The darkness swirled around her tornadoes..ushered by her very presence.

They cocooned her from the hell fires

Tears now dry and throat parched from the screaming, she now looked up at swirls.

She willed them to part for her and faced her opponent.

But the fire in its eyes were mere embers now.

"You chose the wrong turf", she said, as her fingers summoned the final wisp of darkness that was still holding it up and watched it disintegrate to ashes.

Cold feet treaded lightly toward her on the burning ground.

"Burn it all", she said, without turning around.

He blasted away at the swirls of darkness around her and all around them ashes fell, a steady snowfall.

She slowly turned around..stumbled forward, her body, now, sore and spent.

Tears smarted her eyes, and she shed them, unashamed tears of a child.

He scooped her up in his arms and burnt away the last of darkness that clung to her.

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