Lightning Forked Destiny #3
Lightning Forked Destiny #3 supernatural stories
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A cult sacrifice gone wrong, grants her power to wield darkness. A darkness that spills out of her, for it wasn't meant to be wielded by mankind. But wield she does, for she isn't done fighting.

Lightning Forked Destiny #3

Chapter 3

She sensed his soundless feet approach. His scent, one of the first she had a whiff of. One that had trailed her since she'd walked out of the field alive.

Her guardian angel , the one she'd seen throw the lightning bolt that destroyed the tree.

"You have your answers now."

That wasn't a question, so she didn't bother answering.

"You have drained them of their darkness."

"Their darkness levels will be up and kicking in a matter of days. So no harm done."

A pause in which his feet stalled uncertainly, before they crouched down next to her and swung his feet over the ledge, like hers.

His light more ethereal than blinding, sent the trails of darkness scurrying into her. She sagged under the sheer weight that now crawled under her skin.

The weight of his searching gaze however had her sitting straighter, despite the strain.

"I could burn away the darkness in you, if you asked."

" I know."

" I could fix you."

"I'm not broken"

He made to walk away, but her hand with blinding speed gripped his wrist.

And so he stayed, as the child he'd protected all her life, once again recited the prayer she'd recited like clockwork every hour of her life.

"Angel of God, my guardian dear,

To whom God's love commits me here,

Ever this day be at my side

To light and guard,

To rule and guide."

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