Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 23
Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 23 yn stories

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Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 23

"Oh. My. God..."

This is not something I could've predicted happening. I knew the two were together, even if neither told me, but why would Iwaizumi do this to me?

The photo he sent was one of our COACH UKAI with our faculty adviser Takeda.

In the Sakanoshita bathroom.

Balls deep.

In fRoNt oF mY SaLad!,!,!

I set my phone face down on the table and press my hands to my face. I stay like that for a few seconds and try my hardest to not hurl on the table.

I pick my phone up and release the breath I was holding. Opening the chat, but not the picture, I tag Iwaizumi.

Me-[@Hajime wtf is this? i'm eating rn i didn't need this!] Hajime-[i just thought you'd wanna know about your coach and FA 😒] Me-[...]

Me-[this is Oikawa, isn't it?] Hajime-[how'd you know??? 😭] Me-[Hajime doesn't use emojis] Me-[or text me during school] Me-[or send photos w/out context]

Hajime-[ofc ofc] Hajime-[my Iwa-chan is always so straightforward] Me-[well, tell him to meet me at at my place tonight. After this, he owes me some shit.] Hajime-[You got it!]

Regardless of how much I want to throw my phone across the cafeteria, I stay straight-faced throughout the whole ordeal.

"Uh, Y/N?" Tanaka calls to get my attention. "You good?" "Yeah! Yeah, I'm good. So, uh, turns out Ukai and Takeda are screwing. That's...that's neat. Oikawa stole Hajime's phone and sent a photo that has jammed itself into my memory."

The boys stay quiet for a moment before Nishinoya jumps up. "Yes! Pay up, Chikara! I fucking called it!"

Ennoshita reluctantly pulls out some cash from his pocket and hands it over to Nishinoya. "I can't believe it..." is all he's able to get out.

"How much?" I ask Noya. "1000 yen, but I still won!" "Hmm. For future reference, consult with me before placing bets. I would've gone way higher, 'bout 10k."

"You knew about it?" "I've had my suspicions for a while. I see Takeda in Ukai's store way too often for it to just be coincidence."


~After school~ I grab my bags and start my way towards the gym. I need to have a quick word with Ukai. If Oikawa Tooru was able to find out about the two, that was far from the end of it.

I hurry to the locker room to change. Even if I am a girl, I grown to trust these guys enough to not be perverted about it. Noya and Tanaka have pointed out my scars and wounds before, and I have no reason to hide them.

I throw on the shirt and shorts I packed this morning and hurry out to the court.

Ukai's speaking to Takeda, so I figure I should make it quick.

"Keishin, a word," I order and stand in a corner, arms crossed. He walks over, a hint of fear in his eyes.

"Yes, ma'am?" He stands straight. "Is there a problem?" I take a breathe, still trying to wrap my head around what I'm doing, aka: discussing a grown-ass man's relationship.

"You remember Oikawa Tooru from Aoba Johsai, correct?" He nods.

"Well, he texted me during lunch hour today, through Hajime's phone. He sent me a photo that is currently haunting me. You see where I'm goin' with this?"

"The Oikawa boy did that, huh?" I blink twice and nod slightly.

"Look, I don't give two shits about who you decide to screw. The issue here is Oikawa-fucking-Tooru was able to find out. I've had to explain this to everyone on my team, so I'll explain it to you the same way.

Any and all relationships with people outside the Yakuza need to be treated with care. Most gangs have no trouble killing civilians, so you'll need to keep a close eye on him. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am." "Good. That's all. Don't forget about it. You're good to go." "Thank you, ma'am."

~Few Hours Later~ "'Ey, boss! I'm here!" Iwaizumi comes in towards the end of our practice. I'm hauling the net pole to the storage room.

"Hajime! You made it! Just a minute, I'll be right there." He hums a reply and leans against the wall patiently.

"Yuu!" I call to the small Libero, "you'll be living at mine from now on. Pack your things this evening, I'll pick you up in the morning. I got to go, now. See ya'!"

I walk out, grabbing Iwaizumi on the way. As soon as we make it out of the gym, I slap his back full-force.

"Oh, it's on, bitch!" He slaps my back in retort as I run off. "What's wrong, Iwa-chan~" I tease, "can't handle a little encouragement?"

He catches up to me. "Don't ever call me that again; it's annoying enough having 'Kawa call me that..."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever ya say ...simp." I add on the last part. "And you're a psychotic killer!"

"On the mention of psychopathy: you're helping me crash the Missio concert on the beach tonight."

"Missio!?! As in the Eletronic Duo Missio!?!" "You know it!"

"HELL, YEAH! This is gonna get crazy!"

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