Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 21
Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 21 haikyuu stories

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Pt. 21 is here! Enjoy, my children!

Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 21

"Please! Why are you doing this?"

"You killed my baby!"

"Our daughter!"

"My sister!"

I had left practice and dragged Noya's father through the woods towards the Tendou household.

Satori and his mother's are currently beating the ever-loving SH*T out of him. I'm packing up my own stuff so I can be to school on time.

"Later, Satori! Bye, Fali! Remiya!" "Goodbye, hun!" "Bye, Y/N!"

"Y/N-Y/N! Thanks for this! B T Dubs, there's a new mix on the counter. Take a full joint before school and test it out for me, would ya? And grab one for that coach of yours, too!" "Happily! What're gonna call this mix?"

"Radio Psyche. The effects should kick in about an hour after you finish, and it'll last most of the day! Enjoy!"

"Thanks, Satori!"

I grab one of the joints from the table and pull the lighter out from my backpack. It isn't uncommon for Satori to use me as a test dummy for new mixes he has, as I have a high tolerance for drugs and stuff (I can smoke, drink, etc. without worrying to much about getting affected).

I take a long breath of the smoke, tasting a sweet pinewood flavor. A gentle blow reveal the deep jade color of the smoke.

I continue on taking puffs of it throughout the entirety of my walk. I stop by Ukai's store and, thankfully, there's no one else inside.

"Ukai!" I call and throw the joint at him. "Take the whole thing and tell me about it at practice. It's Satori's new mix, Jaded Psyche."

"Okay? Hey, is that where you were at practice this morning?" "Yea, I'll tell you about it later. It was pretty fucked." "Understandable. C'ya at practice!" "Ciao!"

I run the rest of the way to school and am quickly greeted by Daichi and Suga talking nervously about something or other.

"Damn!" I walk up to them and lean on the wall. "Talk about sexual tension! What the hell happened?"

Suga runs over to me, leaving a heavily blushing Daichi behind. "Y/N!" He grips my shoulders tightly. "What was that this morning? Noya isn't talking to any of us about it, and you obliviously know something!"

His tone and face are covered in worry and accusation.

"Calm down, Suga-senpai," I place a hand on each of his shoulders, squeezing them reassuringly. "Noya will be fine now that that drunken jackass is gone. That guy was his father, and he's a horrible person all the way around. He got into a car wreck a few years ago with the Tendou family, and it ended up killing the baby girl they had with them. She was Satori's sister, and my god-daughter."


"But now, he is currently being dealt with by the Tendou's. They're all rightfully pissed. Good news, though, is that he should be dead by the end of the week!"


"That guy killed a baby, a Yakuza baby, at that. We ain't goin' easy on him."

"Oh...That's understandable. Very understandable."

"Yeah. Hey, do we have anything important going on next week? Volleyball-wise?"

"Mmm...I'm not sure. Daichi?"

The still-blushing boy walks up next to us. "Y-yes, Suga?"

"Y/N was wondering if we have anything important for volleyball next week. Do we?"

The taller boys looks questioningly at me. "No. Why do ask?"

"The Tri-Country Young Assassins Games," I state simply. "They take place next week. The Yakuza Youth was chosen to represent Japan. Every year, the U.S.A., Russia, and Japan take their best Yakuza teams and pit them against each other in a series of events that test our mental and physical strengths."

"I hate that you say that like it's the most normal thing in the world." Daichi is visibly freaked-out.

"What? Nobody dies during our Games. It's just a competition between the world's best. I just thought you might wanna know since I'm gonna be gone for a week. I don't want you guys to think I straight up and died!"

We talk for a bit longer, working out the schedule and who all would be out the next week (the whole of the Yakuza Youth + Ukai).

1st Period

Sitting in class, listening to music, hardly paying attention. That's what I'm doing when I suddenly feel like the whole world just sucked in a cold breath and blew it in my face.

I snap my head up from my hand and shake it a few times. Everything seems brighter, more vibrant. The noises around me are clearer than they've ever been.

'So this is what that weird drug mix does, huh,' I think, 'Damn, Satori, this shit is crazy!'

I find myself tuning in to different noises, the birds, the teacher, the gossiping students, everything. I feel like a radio, switching from station to station.

A comment between the gossip catches my ear, and I turn my head towards the window to listen in closer.

"So that freak-girl on the boy's volleyball team is hanging out with boys on other teams?" "That's what the word on the street is!" "She's probably sleeping with them to get insider gossip on their teams."

"But seriously, why would any guys from any team go after her ugly ass?" "Yeah! I heard that she has gross scars on her entire body!" "That's because she acts like a boy! She probably gets into fights, trying to 'prove herself' to the guys on the team."

I grit my teeth. Who the hell do these broads think they are? Talking about me like I'm so desperate for dick that I'd sleep with anybody who'd sleep with me? I think the fuck not!

"Miss Shinzen," the teacher calls me, catching me slightly off my guard. "Yes, sensei?" I snap my head from the window to the front of the room.

"Is there a problem that you don't seem to be paying attention today?" "No, ma'am. No problems," I glance over at the girls who were shit-talking me, "yet."

"Well then, start focusing on the board instead of whatever it is that you're focusing on." "Of course, ma'am. I will."

I spend the rest of the class tuning out and going over what those girls said.

"Guys from other teams?" My Yakuza team.

"Sleeping with them?" Is that what they think?

"Ugly ass?" Yeah? No.

I'm gonna have to talk to those girls later...

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