Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 16
Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 16 haikyuu stories

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The Bloodletting Ceremony will be in the next part!

Y/N is an Assassin!?! Pt. 16

Let the Yakuza Youth's 5th Blood Fest begin!

When I enter the gym, I see that Terushima and Iwaizumi wasted no time before beginning Doushai's torture, and his pained grunts can be heard throughout the gym.

I walk over to the rest of the Karasuno volleyball team.

"Hey, guys!" I say to them. "How're you guys feeling? Hinata, Tsukishima?" They remain silent.

"I'm nervous..." Hinata finally admits. "Like, I have a better idea than most of the team about what's going on, but I'm still nervous."

"That's fair," I empathize with him. "It's normal after what you've been through to be scared. Did you sleep at all today?" "Oh, yeah!" He forces a smile. "Kags let me sleep with him!" "That's good!"

"Hey, Y/N?" Tanaka asks, "Who's that guy hanging from the ceiling?"

"Oh! I'm glad you asked! That the White Tiger ganghead. He's the one who ordered for Hinata, Tsukishima, and the others to be taken.

We have reason to believe that he was planning on torturing and killing them."

Hinata, who has been holding onto Kageyama's arm all night, flinches at the information. Even though he's heard it already, he still hadn't been able to wrap his head around it.

Tanaka gawks at me. "So why is he hanging from the ceiling? Why isn't he dead like the other rest of them. We know they're all dead, so why isn't he?" The anger is written across his face.

"You seem tense. Follow me, and I'll show why we've kept him alive up until this point." I take them up to where Doushai is hanging from the ceiling.

I pick up a knife from the table and hand it to Tanaka.

"Basically, you guys are allowed to hurt him anyway you want. The only restrictions are that you can't kill him yet, and you can't let him lose too much blood."

The boys stare at me in fear. "Wha-" "Go ahead! Hit him! It'll help get your anger out. You don't have to worry about getting in trouble. By simply being here, you've become part of the Tokyo Yakuza's family, and our family doesn't get caught.

"What do mean 'Yakuza'?" Asahi asks in fear. "That'll be explained in detail later this evening. For now, though, just have fun!" I can feel how creepy the smile on my face looks.

Nishinoya steps forward. "Can I have a shot at him?" The third years look at Nishinoya as though he just spoke a different language. "Nishinoya Yuu! What are you thinking?" Suga screams at him.

"Isn't it obvious?" Noya replies calmly and picks up a knife. "We're allowed to hurt a guy, who hurt our Kohais, btw, and we get to do it without any repercussions. I'm not giving up this chance."

I send Kenma, who's, as expected, sitting at the DJ table, a signal to start some music and lower Doushai down far enough for us to take a few swings.

I pick up a pair of sharpened brass knuckles from the table and stand next to Noya. "You ever do this before, Yuu?" "Nope. And what's with the first name all of the sudden."

"Uh, duh! You're about to shank a guy! You'd be fit for the Yakuza, I bet, with just a little training in emotion surpression and fighting! Would you prefer an Assassin Code Name?"

I rear my arm back and throw a strong right hook into Doushai's stomach, and he grunts. Noya seems a little hesitant so I step next him.

"An Assassin Code Name?" He asks as I pull down Doushai's shirt.

"Yeah! Like Jaja, Hades, Thanatos, or something?" I nod my head towards Doushai, and Noya steps up by me. He slowly lifts the knife before slashing it across Doushai's back, leaving a deep cut.

"'Yuu' is fine, I guess..." He breathes heavily. "Damn, I didn't know human skin was so thick!" "It's even thicker on people like me!" I explain. "Assassins train all the time, and when scars heal, our skin gets thicker."

"That's so weird, but so cool!" He admires and smiles his bright smile. "Yea...it is, isn't it?" "Ryu! You want in?" I turn and see the boys looking at Noya and me in fear and admiration.

Tanaka steps forward, readjusting his grip on the knife in his hand. Without saying a word, he grabs one of Doushai's arms and drives the knife into his shoulder.

Doushai screams loudly in pain, but the gag muffles the sound.

"You're right," he smirks, "This is a great vent!" "Told ya'!" The rest of Karasuno watches in minor fear at the two 2nd years.

"Please, 'Samu! Please! Please! Please!" "For the love of- Fine, 'Tsumu, fine! We can do a bit! But then we're eating!" "Promise!"

The Twins! Atsumu rushes over, pulling Osamu along. "Hey, Y/N!" Osamu calls. "Hey, 'Samu! 'Tsumu! You guys wanna take a few swings?" "Hell yea!" They say in unison.

I let the boys do their thing as I wonder throughout the gym.

Mother and Father invited the parents of the other Yakuza Youth members whose parents are alive and knowledgable on their Assassin career.

I run into Tendou's moms, so the three of us talk and walk for a bit. "You've grown so, Y/N! You've made a real name for yourself!" Tendou Remiya praises.

"Yes, yes!" Tendou Fali adds, "The Great Assasin Thanatos!"

I laugh at their antics. Satori really is just like his moms. "Thank you, Mrs. and Mrs. Tendou. It's been an honor working with your son, by the way. He has great skill. I must pardon myself to the bathroom, however."

I make my way to the bathrooms when someone bumps into me. "Ga-, oh it's just another silly little commoner," the man comments when he sees me. "I'm sorry?" He looks awfully familiar.

"You heard me, commoner," he repeats. "Now apologize!" "I'll pass, actually. Who are you?" "My name is Akaashi Buraddo. I'm here to see my son, Keiji." 'That's why you look so familiar.'

"I see. Well, I'm-" "Do I look like I care? Here's a hint: I don't. I'm not here to mingle with the common crowd. I'm here because my son was given an honor and I intend on being here to see him."

"I am aware of the honor your son was given, Mr. Akaashi. I am also here to support him in this time." I try to be polite, but my patience is thinning. "This is a big step in his growth in the Yakuza Youth team."

"I know!" 'This guy...jackass who thinks he's all high and mighty because of something his son did.'

"Since you seem to know so much about his part in the Yakuza, why don't you tell me where Thanatos is?"

"Thanatos?" "Yes, Thanatos! Keiji's training under him, you know? I just want to meet the man himself!" "What makes you so sure that Thanatos is a man, or even interested in meeting you?"

"Of course he'll want to meet me! My son obviously did something fantastical during the raid to day to be given the honor of bloodletting the ganghead!" "He did. Do you what it was?"

"Well, I'm also planning on asking Thanatos for that information. Now stop stalling me! Take me to him, or get out of my way." "Okay, then, Mr. Akaashi. See you during the ceremony."

The way he stares at me as I strut away from him is priceless. I've gotta tell Keiji about this first chance I get.

The Bloodletting ceremony is about to start, so the entirety of Yakuza Youth gathers behind the stage my parents set up earlier today.

Bokuto is still with us, holding Akaashi's hand and his head on Akaashi's.

"May I have everyone's attention?" We hear Mother call from the stage.

Bokuto takes it as a sign to go out to the rest of the crowd, and Akaashi gives him a quick kiss before separating themselves.

Mother continues on, "We are going to begin the Bloodletting ceremony, so please take a seat at the tables!" A few moments pass. "We will now welcome the Tokyo Yakuza's team: The Yakuza Youth!"

(A/N) I'll continue the Bloodletting ceremony in the next part! See you, my children! <3 Annie D.

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