Who am I (revisited)?
Who am I (revisited)? poem stories

usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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A short poem I wrote a while back while really struggling with the transition into motherhood. It's an amazing journey, but so very challenging at times.

Who am I (revisited)?

I'm struggling to sign My name these days. I go to scribble C-h-e-l-s-e-a

but at some point when years spent with drinks until 5am turned into waking up at 5am to rock the baby to sleep again

the letters in my name started to spell out "Mother".

2 syllables. 7 letters. The same as before.

2 syllables. 7 letters. The same as before. But this new name hangs so heavy when I write it on the line.

Hellooooooo commaful! I know I have been quite absent (becoming a mother really eats up your time). But I'm hoping to change that soon! Right now, I've been channeling all my energy into crafting and my craft (haha). If you want to follow that journey, find me on instagram @weeaboowitchcrafts.

I have a couple of books in the works and I'm trying to commit myself back to writing them. If you would be interested in reading along as I write, let me know with a message! I would be glad to send you the invite to my google doc. I love getting feedback!

Hope you are all having an amazing day!

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