Ring Around the Rifle
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usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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A poem about school shootings sung to the tune of and written in the spirit of Ring Around the Rosy. Yes, it is a little macabre.

Ring Around the Rifle

So, once again, as I was trying to fall back asleep, I starting writing poetry instead. I'm not quite sure why, but this piece came to me.

But before I share it, I want to say a few quick things about guns and school shootings in America.

I don't want to take anyone's guns away. I don't think a gun ban would be effective, and I don't have any answers to offer. I don't have the answer to our problem, I just don't.

But what I do know, is that America has the most mass and school shootings of any nation, we clearly are not doing enough to stop it, and we only seem to care directly in the aftermath. And in honor of the prompt today, I will say I am sick of the bitter silence on the topic.

The shooting in Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was 15 minutes from my little brother's school. 15 minutes. That could have been his school. That could have been anyone's school.

And as our government begins to care less and less about public education, it's going to be more schools.

We all need to care about this issue, and not just when people die. Something every American can do is use your voice and vote for the correct representatives when the time comes.

Educate yourself on your candidates and choose the ones who will advocate for change.

Now, with out further adieu: Sung to the tune of Ring Around the Rosy

Ring around the rifle, backpacks made of Kevlar, bullets, blood baths, we all fall down.

Ring around the rifle, students full of fear, crying, running, they all fall down.

Ring around the rifle, Teachers full of courage, lock doors, block doors, they all fall down.

Ring around the rifle, White men full of rage, rifles, hand guns, they all stand up.

Ring around the rifle, Facebook full of prayers, forget until the next one, they all stand up.

Ring around the rifle, White House full of funds, make guns, sell guns, they all stand down.

Also, I want to make it clear that I understand the White House, or any branch of the government for that matter, are not responsible for making and selling guns. However, they do have the power to regulate it all, and continuously choose not to change anything because so many are receiving money from the NRA.

I will now step down from my SJW soap box. Have a nice day. Usagi out!!

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