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(A #selfaware poem) I hate my nose, so I wrote a poem about it in a Shakespearean imitation style to try and find the beauty in my beak.

Meine Nase

Something I like to do is write poetry about specific aspects, usually physical, of myself that I hate. I do this in order to force myself to see what I dont want to see and to try and find the beauty under my perception. @Duskthoughts has taken this idea and started a movement.

Create your own poem analyzing your flaws and try to find the positives. Tag it with #selfaware so we can have them all in the same place. :)

A pyramid of cartilage and flesh

With miscalculated dimensions,

Illusory peak stabbing stale air

Far past the supporting structure of bone.

Situated betwixt mine eyes,

I do spy the appendage

Named in English, nose.

A trifling name indeed,

Though by any other name

Would it smell as sweet

Roses bloomed after tireless

Days of sunlit stretches,

Or the sultry smoke of incense

Cleansing through olfactory reception?

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