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Ball python appreciation post. All of these beautiful sneks are my precious gifts from above.

Ball Pythons

So a couple of people have mentioned or asked me about my snakes, so I decided to just make a post showcasing my babies. We currently have 6 ball pythons, 1 leopard gecko, two cats, and a baby human on the way.

Our newest baby----> He is a cinnamon clown ball python.

Pregnancy and snakes = perfect life

Our other clown BP ----> His name is Pennywise.

Chocolate Lemonblast ----> Her name is Snickers. She's a rhymes with witch.

Spider BP -----> His name is Severus Snake. He did not want his photo taken....imo, he's our prettiest snake. He's the one in my profile pic :D

Banana BP -----> His name is Alucard. Everyone loses their mind for him. It's not super clear in this picture, but his stripes are almost lavender.

Pastel Calico BP ----> Lady Amalthea. Our nicest and easiest to handle snek. She gives me kisses (on the mouth) and just chills. She is also currently our largest.

Not a snek....but here is our leopard gecko that we are rehabilitating. His name is Sol ---->

Eventually, the plan is to breed, sell, and create new morphs in the ball python world. We will more than likely breed and sell under the name C and Z reptiles/exotics (just a heads up to anyone who may be interested in the future).

We also want to branch out into other pythons, such as reticulated pythons and Burmese pythons, it's just nearly impossible in Florida where we currently live. I would also like to breed hedgehogs, leopard geckos, and get an alligator (or five). :D

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