Outside The Lines
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One is a werewolf. One is a legend. They’ve been friends for years, but what will happen when they both realize their sexuality?

Outside The Lines

James was looking around the Hogwarts Express station, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.

"Oy, Moony!" He shouted, waving.

A tall, brown-haired boy looked up at him and sighed. "Not. In. Public." He whisper-lectured once he got nearer.

There was another tall boy, black-haired, standing to his immediate left. A small boy was standing to his right.

"Hey Peter, Sirius." He acknowledged.

"Moony!" Shouted Sirius, receiving an eye-roll from 'Moony', AKA Remus.

The small boy, Peter, gave a small wave and a smile.

Remus looked at his watch, stars circling the numbers instead of hands, which was a fairly common thing in the Wizarding World.

"It's almost eleven!" He exclaimed, his turn to shout. They ran onto the train and rushed into an empty compartment.

Remus slumped back and started thinking about stuff. Just stuff, and whilst he thought, he drifted into a slumber.

There was an unnecessarily long pause of silence, when James cleared his throat. "So, sixth year." He stated like nobody knew this 'unordinary bit of information".

Peter nodded, and Sirius extended his arm for a high-five from James, and they did so. "D'ya think.." Asked James, motioning to Remus's large scar on his face.

Peter suddenly developed an extremely awkward interest in his schoolbag's zipper, and Sirius sighed.

"It's happened before.

Plus, you wouldn't want us to be chatting up about you while you're asleep, would you?" , Sirius finished with a gasp of air, as he said all that in one long-lasting breath.

James nodded, and went back to chatting with Sirius about Quidditch, while Peter tried to act as though he had an actual clue what they were saying.

Moments later, Remus woke with a start, quite randomly, and grabbed a book from his bag titled; Transfiguration Today: Year 6.

"Ugh, schoolbooks already?" asked a tired Peter, and Remus notes that was the first time Peter had spoken, at least today, as far as Remus knew.

"I just remembered of a section I wanted to read." Said Remus simply, though causing a glare from Sirius.

"You remembered schoolwork, of all things... in your sleep?" he asked, astonished.

Remus nodded, and Sirius groaned. "You're such a nerd, Moony." He remarked.

Remus shot him a glare, and said, "Yes, I am a nerd, the nerd who has done your homework and gotten out of trouble for six years, are you serious?

" He finished this with yet another pointed glare.

"Yup! I am Sirius, always will be! Born Sirius, died Sirius! Sirius Lee Black, heir to the Black family of prestigious jerks!" He finished with a laugh.

"Your middle name IS NOT Lee." Remarked Remus pointedly.

"Yes it is, how DARE YOU say such a thing?" Asked Sirius dramatically, pretending to be mortally wounded, by the look on his face.

Remus gave her another eye-roll. "Walburga Black has no sense of humor. No way she would name her first-born son Sirius Lee." He said, but not quite finished. "Seriously.

" He muttered, while smirking and biting into an apple that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone chuckled a little at this, except Sirius himself, who went into his fake 'Mortally wounded' phase again, sprawled out on the floor.

"I'm the only one who can do that! You use my OWN NAME while plotting my death!

" He said, no one quite knowing where the whole 'death' thing coming from, but Remus just shrugged and said, "I'm not planning your death. Yet.

I will if you don't get up off of our compartment floor, it's completely unsanitary."

When Sirius didn't do as Remus said, Remus took out his wand and muttered a spell that caused a passing fruit fly to burst into flames, then glanced at Sirius, now scrambling back into his seat.

"I am now terrified of you." Said Sirius bluntly, with wide eyes.

James and Peter just sat in their seats watching this whole episode, until James laughed at the (laughable) expression on Sirius's face.

They heard a faint knock on the door, and turned to see who it was.

James opened the door and took out some Galleons from his back pocket, and handed them to the Trolley Witch.

"One of everything." He said, and held out his hands as the Trolley Witch plopped one of everything, as said, in his arms.

Once she had left, James stood on top of his seat, and threw the candy high, making it rain. (Literally.)

Sirius grabbed a Magical Moon Pie and shoved it into Remus's face.

"There 'ya go! It's just your FAVORITE, isn't it, Moony?"He said, causing Remus to groan at Sirius's childish antics.

They all felt the train come to a stop, and all the doors were magically opened.

They heard a familiar voice calling, "Firs' years dis way! C'mon, firs' years!" James, Peter, and Sirius ran outside, leaving the mess behind them.

Remus pointed his wand at the, well, in the, general direction of the compartment and whispered, "Scourgify." , then running off to join the others.

Now that all of the boys were out of the train, they clamored into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They dashed into their seats at the Gryffindor table in the great hall.

Sirius smirks. "I'm Siriusly excited!" He shrieks, causing James to react with, "My DEER friends, this year will be a good one.

" , and then glanced at Remus, who rolled his eyes, but said, "Shut up, guys! Ima WOLF down some of this awesome food." , and then Remus looked expectantly at Peter, who shrugged.

"I've got nothin'."

The Great Hall was consumed by seemingly endless chatter, when they all heard the clinking of a fork against a goblet.

The chatter ended immediately, and everyone's heads turned to the direction of the Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

"Welcome! To another eventful year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! The sorting will commence very shortly, here they come now!

" The old man said, and motioned to the door, spilling with first years.

The boys went back to chatting quietly during the sorting, with Remus's failed attempts to shush them.

They regained their attention when they heard the first, "Gryffindor!", and all of the Gryffindors got up to applause, James Potter clapping the loudest, and shouting, "Yesss! Gryffindor RULES!

Hooray!!!" , atop the table, but he got down once receiving a pointed glance from McGonagall.

Once the feast ended, James, Peter, and Sirius left the Great Hall, Remus promising he would catch up.

He spotted a familiar head of long blonde hair, and walked toward the girl, tapping her on the shoulder.

She turned around and said/yelled, "Remus!", and the two hugged. "Hey, Narcissa!" He said slightly quieter.

Narcissa Black was one of Remus's close friends, unknown to his other friends, especially Sirius.

She was funny, smart, and surprisingly perceptive, having guessed Remus's bisexuality back in the fourth year. Remus thought that it was both creepy and impressive at the same time.

"What is it?" She asked. These words were usually used rudely, but she was genuinely curious, but before Remus could answer, she put her left hand up to Remus's scar and gasped.

"What happened?" She exclaimed, her eyes demanding that Remus had to tell her. Remus sighed, and began.

"Well-" he started, but couldn't speak, because he heard an open-mouthed Sirius Black let out a dramatized gasp.

Remus looked behind him to find Sirius frozen in place, who had been staring at the two laughing and talking. "Are you two.... dating?" Sirius asked, astonished.

Narcissa and Remus were very close friends, but they both fake-gagged in unison.

What? They were. Narcissa was one of the only two people who knew about his bisexuality. Her and Lily Evans, both had just found out about it out of nowhere, much to Remus's surprise.

Speaking of Lily, she rushed over to Remus when Sirius walked off being the drama queen that he was. Remus was just left there, stammering.

"Can I talk to Remus for a sec?

", Lily asked this politely, but basically dragged Remus away by the collar of his shirt, and threw him down on a random bench in the hall, and sat across from him, full on professional mode.

"O.M.G!!!" She exclaimed, and Remus gave her a 'Whatdya mean?' sorta look. "You totally still like him!" She yelled, much to Remus's embarrassment.

It was this kind of stuff that made Remus scared, and interested by her, but Remus shook his head no. "No, of course not, that was back in like.. third year." He said, half-truthfully.

Lily have him a disbelieving look. "No, no, no, you like him!" She exclaimed, going full-on Cupid mode. "I swear, if Narcissa hears you," Remus said, looking around them for anyone.

Lily made a, 'Pfft' sound, and shook her head. "Narcissa knows, dummy!" She yelled once again, making Remus flinch.

"I. Do. Not. Like. Him!" Remus said, mad, and again, impressed. "Besides, if I did-" he started, but though better of it.

Lily smirked. "If you did, what?" She asked, jokingly, but also wanting to know.

Please read the book 2 for this! It’s just called Outside the Lines: Book 2

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